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Unclog The Sink: Tips To Being More Handy

A clogged sink is a common household problem. Everyone will experience some clogging either in the kitchen sink or in the bathroom. If you need to unclog the sink, you do not have to call a plumber right away and spend money on something that you can do yourself.

It is not difficult to do, so if you are having a problem with your kitchen and toilet sink, follow these simple tips on how to do the simple DIY home repair task of unclogging. The materials that you would need are earth-friendly and are easily found in your kitchen cupboard.

Materials Needed

You will need a clothes hanger that is made of wire, not the one that is made from a plastic material. You need some basic kitchen ingredients like vinegar and baking soda. You also need bucket and a pipe wrench to unclog the down spout.


  1. Begin by making a hook from the hanger. Straighten the hanger with your hands.
  2. Remove the sink stopper so you would be able to insert the straightened hanger inside the sink.
  3. Remove the back nut from the bottom in order to free the sink stopper.
  4. Next step to unclog the sink is by going fishing. You insert the straightened hanger into the sink and try to fish whatever debris you can get. You would have to use a slight force in order to fish out the hardened debris. These are usually hair, toilet papers, etc. These debris are the ones that are causing the clog.
  5. After fishing all the debris from the sink, put back the sink stopper.
  6. Pour in some vinegar into the sink.
  7. Then add the baking soda.
  8. Then pour in some hot water.
  9. If the sink is still unclogged, repeat the procedure by pouring in vinegar, then add the baking soda, and then pour in some hot water. That is the natural way to unclog the sink without using any harmful and very strong solution.
  10. The next step is to open the down spout or P-trap so as to remove all the liquid. The function of the down spout is to trap the water and other solid debris.
  11. Remove the down spout with the use of a pipe wrench in order to loosen the connections.
  12. Be ready with the bucket and empty the contents of the down spout into the bucket.
  13. Drain the entire contents of the down spout.
  14. Re-attach the down spout.
  15. Turn on the faucet and see if the sink is still clogged. If the water goes down slowly, then there might be some debris left and you need to repeat the procedure in order to unclog the sink.

Sinks can easily be clogged with oil and other particles. You do not need to call a plumber right away. One of the skills that you need to learn as a man is on how to unclog the sink by doing it yourself. It is always better to unclog by using natural ingredients instead of the strong solutions that are sold in the market.