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Video: Stephen Amell Shows Off Super-Hero Strength

Stephen Amell has impressed us all with how seriously he has taken the role of Oliver Queen in the hit TV series Arrow. Along with his acting skills, Stephen Amell’s work ethic has won fans over. One look at his physique and it’s pretty easy to tell that Stephen Amell is doing everything in his power to really look and act like The Arrow.

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Parkour fanatics have been tough critics of Stephen Amell’s technique and form when it comes to his free-running and parkour skills. Personally, I have a hard time being a tough critic. He is clearly determined at looking the part and is doing everything that he can to make fanboys proud and we’re thrilled to see it. In fact, we love any case where actors spend extra time off-screen to embrace the character they are portraying and also the passion points of their fans.

What do you think? Are you impressed by Stephen Amell’s skills in this video? Do you think he has been doing a great job in taking on the role of Oliver Queen and the Green Arrow?