Vodka is made by fermenting and distilling grains. However, potatoes and beets are also used. It is a rectified spirit, meaning it went through the process of distillation at least three times, and then filtered through the use of charcoal. Unlike other liquors, vodka does not need to be aged in a barrel. Once the distillation process is done, it can be used for drinking already.

It does not have any distinct taste, color, and aroma, but varies in texture. The two brands known all over the world are Absolut and Stolichnaya.

How Strong is Vodka?

Most have an alcohol content of forty percent, making it a strong alcoholic drink. Do not be deceived when drinking vodka, because it may have a very subtle taste of alcohol. But since most brands contain forty percent alcohol, you may be in for a lot of trouble if you drink too much of this.

Good Taste

Some people who wish to get drunk minus the bitter taste will drink vodka.  You can drink it by itself without any fruit or juice, and you will notice that it is bland and does not taste bitter or sweet at all. If you want to add flavor to it, you can infuse some herbs and fruits to add a layer of taste.

You may add some lemon and orange peel to a bottle. Let it infuse for a day or two, and you have a sweet and sour taste added to the vodka. Some people may enjoy it by infusing it with some herbs, like the strong taste of basil leaves will add flavor to it. You can infuse pretty much anything you want. The important thing is to drink it after two days of infusion. Otherwise, you will not get any flavor from the added fruits and herbs.

You can also mix any fresh fruit juices with this and it will still taste good. Below is an example of a cocktail drink, called the Vesper cocktail, popularized in a James Bond movie:

  • 1 ounce of vodka
  • 3 ounces of gin
  • ½ ounce of Lillet

Mix everything together and add some lemon wedges, and it is ready to drink.

Popular Drinks with Vodka

  1. Long island iced tea – mix one part vodka, one part tequila, one part rum, one part gin, one part triple sec, 1 ½ part sweet and sour mix, and one splash of cola. Mix everything together and pour in a shaker, then place in a tall glass and garnish with some lemon wedges.
  2. ****** Mary – mix one ounce of vodka, three ounces tomato juice, a dash of Worcestershire sauce, juice from half lemon, pinch of salt and pepper, hot sauce, and celery. Mix everything together by pouring back and forth between two tall glasses. Once nicely mixed, pour in a glass and add some ice and garnish with a celery stick.

Try one or both of them so you can enjoy a glass or two of cocktail mix and always remember to drink in moderation.