Ice and volcanoes don’t sound like they can go well together but in Iceland, you will get used to connecting the country’s name to volcanoes. Even though Iceland may sound like it is full of snow and cold air, it is actually full of seismic activities caused by volcanoes. Thus, if you want to experience being a researcher in volcanology, better travel to this country and be a volunteer researcher.

Studying Volcanoes in Iceland

When you go on a one to two-week trip on Iceland, you will get to see the rocks formed by the lava flow from various volcanoes in the country. You will also get to study the disturbances underground that are caused by these volcanoes, thus, enabling scientists to know when future volcanic eruptions might occur.

Enjoy the Landscape

You will get to enjoy the landscape at the volcanoes you will cross that are made from rocks that formed from molten lava, which flowed down the volcanoes during eruption. You will record your findings in these areas, which makes your research much more enjoyable.

Your fit travel will turn from volunteer research to pleasure once you see the amazing formation of rocks that were molded by the dangerous yet spectacular eruptions of the Vatnajökull volcanoes.

Help Keep the People Safe

When you record your findings on the seismic activity on the place, you will help scientists know when future eruptions might occur, which will help people know when to keep off certain areas near the volcanoes, keeping everyone safe.

This active adventure that you will have will not only help keep tourists safe but also help people from Iceland to be safe from dangerous eruptions that can ruin the towns that surround the active volcanoes.

Help with the Economic Growth

Aside from helping save lives, you will also get to make your tourist volunteer research stint into a very important part of organizations that help improve the economy not only of Iceland but also of other countries near it.

Because ash and acid rain caused by volcanic eruptions in Iceland’s volcanoes can cause a lot of disturbances in the economy due to interrupted activities of businesses and government offices, knowing when these eruptions will occur will greatly help prevent these interventions. Thus, you are helping keep the economy stable not only in Iceland but also in other areas around the globe. What a great way to spend your travel overseas, right?

Fun and Recreation

Aside from volunteer work, you will also get to enjoy sight-seeing and watching birds as well as taking a plunge on the hot pools nearby the station where the volunteers are staying.

Going to Iceland for such a pleasurable and productive trip will not only bring out the best in you but will also bring the best memories of your vacation. Be sure to check out all the activities that you can participate in during your volunteer stint so that you can do more and be able to travel to more places and volcanoes during your two-week stay at Iceland.