If you have been invited to a wedding, you need to give the couple some wedding gifts. Now if you have no idea as to what to give the newly-weds, you can always visit the bridal registry set by the couple. A lot of people find it easier to visit the bridal registry because they know that the gift is what the couple really wanted.

However, if you want to be more adventurous and you prefer to give the couple a wedding gift from your own idea, then feel free to do so. Check out the gift guide below when choosing the perfect one for the couple.

Couple’s Interests

You have to know what their common interest is. It is not proper etiquette if you will only consider the hobby or the interest of one of them. If the two of them enjoy traveling, then give them something that they could use every time they travel, like two neck pillows. If they are wine lovers, give them a bottle of champagne. If they are vey stressed from their respective careers, you can give them spa gift certificates as wedding gifts. It is important that the wedding gift can be very useful. You would not want to spend on something that they will just keep in their cabinets because they will find no use for the gift.

Determine How Much

This is the question that most people ask when giving gifts – the amount that they would spend for a wedding gift. It actually depends on your level of closeness to the couple. If you are not that close to the couple, it is safe to buy a wedding gift not less than $50. There are many interesting wedding gifts within that price range.

However, if you are close to them, say they are among your oldest friends, then buy something that is not less than $75. But if one of the couple is your relative, it is best to buy something that is not below $100. Do not feel bad spending a good amount of money for them because you will be served good food and endless cocktail drinks, anyway.


Some people ask if it is proper to give cash as a wedding gift.  It is actually a good idea to give cash because you allow the couple to buy something that they need. They are starting a new life together, and they may not have enough wealth to buy the things that they need. By giving them cash, you are actually helping them start with their new life.

Cash as wedding gifts can be tricky though because you do not know as to how much to give them. As a rule, if you are very close to the couple, you should give $ 100 or more, but if not, between $ 50 to $75 is pretty safe.

So always keep in mind that wedding gifts should be practical. Give the newly-weds something that is of their common interest and something that they can use on a regular basis. When in doubt, cash is good.