It sounds pretty obvious that when you don’t get enough sleep you feel tired, but sometimes it feels like the ongoing exhaustion is a little excessive. It’s not like we’re not sleeping at all. Here are some weird reasons for why you might always feel tired.

You Skip the Gym Because You’re Tired

For people who work busy schedules getting to the gym at the end of the day can feel nearly impossible a lot of the time. Of course there’s no one to force you to go so sometimes when you feel tired you just don’t go. But making that a habit can backfire since keeping up with regular exercise makes you feel more alert in the long run. Not only do you build strength and endurance but your cardiovascular system starts to work more efficiently which means you get more oxygen pumping through the body to make you feel alert even when you’re just sitting at work.

You’re Dehydrated

Not drinking enough water can make us feel tired so quickly. Think about it, the body doesn’t want to lose any more of its precious water supply so it starts conserving. Without water the blood gets thicker and moves slower which means it takes longer for oxygen to get to your brain. Take a water bottle to work with you if you forget to drink water and leave it where you can see it on your desk.

You Suffer From Anxiety

As if anxiety wasn’t bad enough just for being anxiety, it can also be completely exhausting. Our mental state uses up a lot more energy than we think, but it makes sense. If you suffer from perfectionism you might be spending extra time on tasks that really aren’t going to be approved much with the extra attention. General anxiety also leads to cortisol spikes in the body which is a stress hormone that can hurt the immune system and make your body work less efficiently. Sometimes anxiety plays out in overthinking things and worrying, which also uses up too much of your mental energy that you could be using for other thing.

You’re Not Eating Breakfast

You’ve heard it a million times over but eating breakfast is extremely important for starting your day out on the wrong foot. Over the night we’re fasting so even if you don’t feel the sensation of hunger when you wake up your body is running off stores of energy that are running low. Eating a rounded breakfast that includes lean protein, whole grains, and some healthy fat is going to provide your body the immediate and sustained energy that it needs to jumpstart the day and keep you feeling alert.

Too Much Sugar

One thing that your breakfast should not include, is refined sugar. Sugar can give you an energy boost in the moment thanks to its easy to use energy, but then once it is used up your blood sugar will crash and you might feel even worse off before. In that circumstance all the body wants is more sugar, which sets up an exhausting (and unnecessary), roller coaster effect.