One of the most popular supplement ingredients these days is the Dimethylamylamine. This ingredient actually has several varieties of street names. The compound is an extract or oil which came from the geranium plant and such particular compound works by mimicking the effects of the adrenaline in little doses.

Currently, it is legal on various places around the world. However, there are some countries that ban the use of this supplement due to bad press as well as the lack of comprehensive studies regarding it.

Stimulating Effects

The supplement is popular among bodybuilders due to its stimulating effects. According to medical research, the supplement is effective in inducing the fight or the flight instinct similar to pure adrenaline. Thus, people with anger problems or those who cannot control themselves must seek advice from their doctor before they decide to take a supplement with this ingredient.

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Induce Euphoria

Along with other herbal ingredients, the supplement is also known to induce euphoria and the overall sense of well being of a person. It is for this reason why others have considered marketing it as a “safe” kind of party drug. But then again, there are only a few researches that are available about it and its effects, but others say that the feeling is similar to what athletes and runners would feel right after a very long run, minus the heavy breathing.

Sweaty Effect

If taken in an average dose, the Dimethylamylamine could produce a sweaty effect. Although this might come with a slightly negative spin, some experts are saying that it will not generally pose any danger on one’s health. For as long as one would follow the recommended doses and that the supplement is used correctly, then the supplement will not lead to overdose and will not damage any part of your organs. Of course, only your doctor can say for sure.

Energy Booster

Students who are anticipating a big test or exam and would therefore need some energy could rely on the Dimethylamylamine supplements. This compound can also be linked to a greater brain function as well as heightened cognitive faculties. This means that you could stay up even late at night to study and in order for you to be able to study better without any assistance.

The Dimethylamylamine has been proven to be really effective when it comes to boosting one’s energy level. An average dose of about 25 to 50 mg could remain effective for up to five hours and it will only come with little to no side effects. Unlike caffeine, the Dimethylamylamine could manage well without the need to produce any jitters and will not leave the body feeling drained even after the effects have worn off.

Geranamine Side Effects

There are only a few side effects that were reported about the use of Dimethylamylamine. Some people complained of a shortage of sleep, minor headache and a loss of appetite. Some individuals have also reported feeling queasy although this will usually happen when one has a poor diet or that the stomach was empty when the supplement was taken.