What do unicorns, dragons, and three-headed lions all have in common? Well, outside of our imagination and Game of Thrones, these mythical creatures don’t actually exist. However, every once in a while, a little bit of magic pours out and we’re given a rare treat.

Are you ready to see four of the cutest and rarest cubs to ever exist?! Then stick around and you’ll be blown away by just how extraordinary this new breed is.

18. Ivory and Saraswati

Image: Shareably

Housed at the T.I.G.E.R.S. Sanctuary in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, are two of the rarest breeds of lions and tigers. White African lion, Ivory, and Saraswati, a snow-white Bengal tiger, are two gorgeous species that barely exist anymore. In fact, there are only 300 white lions and 1,200 white tigers left in the world.

So when these two decided to mate it was an astonishing moment that brought forth some of the cutest & most unique cubs that will EVER exist!

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