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Who Knew That This Could Happen To People Who Adopt Baby Silver Foxes?

Dogs and cats are the most loved house pets, but other types of animals need love too! With that in mind, an imgur user that’s known as “bazangin” decided to adopt a tiny baby silver fox after he and his wife found it at the shelter. The funny thing about this is that they raised the fox like a dog! You won’t believe how the fox looks and acts when it grows up.

20. Meet Kona

This cutey is Kona, the wild grey fox. As you can clearly see, the man fell in love with her at first sight!

19. Three Months Old

This cute little fox is only three months old! What’s interesting is that Bazangin wasn’t the one to adopt Kona. Can you guess who it is?

18. The Wife Adopted Kona

The man’s wife was the one to take Kona in. She volunteers at a couple of different animal rescue centers and seeing how adorable the little fox is, she knew that she needed to take her home.

17. Bathroom Breaks

Adopting a wild fox is no easy task at all! Helping them grow up is a difficult task and not everyone is able to do it. Take for example how you need to help them go to the bathroom with a wet cloth because their fox mothers usually do it by licking them.

16. Warm Clothes

Another tricky thing about raising a fox is making sure that it doesn’t get cold. Foxes are known to easily get sick and the new adoptive parents need to always keep Kona warm. The ball of fur was so small that it had to be bottle fed…

15. Bottle Fed

The hardest part about raising a fox is bottle feeding her every two hours, for an entire month! Would you have the dedication to do this?

14. Just Like A Real Kid

Kona is just like a real kid because she keeps her parents up all night. We have to give them praise for being able to do this. The next picture will melt your heart!

13. Cutest Fox Ever

Do you agree with me that this is the cutest wild fox ever? Can you imagine how awesome it would be to have this little baby running around your house? As it got bigger, the baby fox started acting a bit strange though…

12. Looking Like A Puppy

Kona’s owners say that people have a difficult time understanding that Kona is a wild silver fox and they just tell them that she is a puppy instead. Ins’t this hilarious?

11. Bath Time

This picture shows us Kona’s first bath ever! The adoptive dad says that Kona was so scared of the water that she pooped everywhere!

10. Cutie Pie

Isn’t this the most adorable fox ever? Just look at how cute Kona looks when she sticks out her little tongue! And when it’s sleeping time…

9. Preparing For Parenthood

Taking care of Kona is just like taking care of a baby. This is why her new adoptive parents are saying that Kona is preparing them for parenthood.

8. Growing

As time went on Kona started growing and getting bigger, but she still remained the most adorable fox ever! The next picture will amaze you.

7. Sleeping Beauty

One of the things that silver foxes loved to do the most is to sleep! And to no one’s surprise, Kona is not an exception to that rule. Don’t believe me? Then check out the next photo and see for yourself.

6. Getting Rest

As we can clearly see, Kona is getting bigger. All the healthy food and resting sleep are helping her grow. Curious to see her as an adult?

5. Big Fox

Kona is not a baby anymore and this picture shows us that she is as big as a dog! She also started acting as a puppy.

4. Having Fun

Kona’s adoptive parents say that now she is all grown up, and the only thing she loves doing is to explore the world and to have fun. The next picture will show you exactly how big Kona is.

3. Big Fox

Can you guess in how much time Kona grew so big? The silver fox only needed two months to get this big! The ‘puppy’ also enjoys taking selfies and we’re drowning in cuteness.

2. Selfie!

I bet this selfie had lots of likes on social media! Who wouldn’t be amazed to see a man treating a silver fox just like his own baby?

1. Adapting To Humans

Kona was adopted at such an early age that she learned how to adapt to humans. Not only that, but Kona also loves cuddles more than anything else!


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