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Why Protein Powder is the Most Versatile Ingredient in Your Pantry


Getting in enough protein each day can take effort, but it doesn’t need to be work. Using protein powder is a great alternative to loading up on other protein sources, partly due to its convenience factor. But if you get bored with the same old protein drink day in and day out fear not…because protein powder is actually super versatile. Here are some other ways to use it by sneaking it into recipes, instead of making it the main event.

Protein Powder as Coffee Creamer

If you drink coffee and prefer to put some sort of creamer into it anyway, you can use a small scoop of flavored protein powder instead. It’s not going to mix in quite as easily as a traditional creamer would, but it can work with a little patience. Not only is this a convenient place to hide some protein, but it’s also a great option to start the day if you’re not big on eating breakfast or if you’re on the go first thing and eat a little later when you get to work.

Protein Powder in Oatmeal

If oatmeal is an occasional breakfast go-to, step up it’s filling power with a protein addition. All you need to do to prepare this is to make your oatmeal as usual and then just stir in the protein powder before you eat it. Whey protein powder shouldn’t clump. Again, this is a great way to add some flavor to a meal as well without any unnecessary ingredients.

Protein Popsicles

Prefer to get your protein in your dessert? You can actually make protein popsicles with only a couple ingredients. Take a popsicle mold, and fill it with a can of coconut milk and two scoops of protein powder that has been blended together. Freeze them up, and enjoy.

Make a Protein Dip

Looking for something healthier to dip your apples and pretzels into? Make a protein powder dip with one scoop of protein powder, two tablespoons of powdered peanut butter substitute, and a couple tablespoons of water. Simply mix it up and enjoy. This works best with the unflavored version of protein powder. The powdered peanut butter substitute tastes just like peanut butter except has had most of the fat removed and is in a convenient powder consistency which is great for cooking.

Protein Mashed Potatoes

Pretty much any type of food that can be mixed together can have protein included into that mix, and mashed potatoes are no different. But go with the unflavored kind unless you think vanilla flavored potatoes sound appealing.

Protein Pancakes

You can actually make pancakes out of just protein powder and water, with no other ingredients required. Their consistency will be a little different, but they’re incredibly easy to make at any time a day and still taste good. All you need to do is mix together protein powder with enough water to get a consistency similar to pancake batter, and then cook it for about a minute on each side or until it cooks through. Easy.