Looking and feeling your best means making sure that your skin is on point, and doing that requires paying attention to what your skin needs at any given time. Everyone’s skin is different, but most people would do well to make some changes to their skincare routine when the seasons change. Here why and how you should change up your skincare routine for fall.

Step Up the Exfoliating

If you spent any time outside over the summer months your skin got some sun, which can dry it out and cause oiliness. The last thing you want is any of that dry skin sealing the oil into your pores beneath. Men need to exfoliate even more than women do because their skin can be thicker, and also with hair growing on the face it gets even more important to make sure that everything can breath. Try using an exfoliating scrub before you shave to slough some of the dead skin off of your face and make your shave smooth and less likely to lead to ingrown hairs. You can also use an exfoliator that uses some sort of gentle acid if using the scrub kind doesn’t appeal to you.

Handle the Sun Spots

Getting tan (or sunburned) in the summer months will change the pigment of your skin a bit, and we want our skin to be even and smooth looking so you’ll have to use some special products for that. What you need is a lotion that repairs skin pigmentation, which will generally contain something like vitamin C, peptides, algae, or anything else that can help to lighten up any brown spots on the skin. This can make your skin look better in the immediate future, and will also help reduce damage over the years that can age you. To get the results you will need to use it religiously, so pick a time of day to put it on and stick with it.

Increase the Moisture

In the winter months our skin can get stripped of moisture pretty quickly. Not only can the cold and harsh winds affect our skin, but going back and forth from the cold outdoors to the heated indoors can as well. You might even want to get in the habit of using a moisturizing mask which will help replace any lost moisture quickly and easily. Unlike clay face masks that take oil out of the skin, these will more likely resemble a lotion and will feel very soothing. Many just require that you rub it on at bedtime and leave it on overnight. (Maybe you’ll even want to rub some on those hands of yours as well.)

For the daytime you will want to wear a moisturizer as well, and preferably one with an SPF. Just because it’s cold out or the sun is behind a cloud does not mean that you’re still not being exposed to the sun’s rays. Wearing an SPF year round is crucial to protect your skin.