Monopoly is one of the most popular board games, and can be played by adults and children. It is a social game that can be played by two or more persons. If you are fond of playing monopoly, here are some tips on how to dominate the game:

Buy as much property as you can

At the beginning of this social board game, try to buy as much property as you can, even the cheap real estate properties, like the Baltic or Mediterranean. You may not earn much from these properties, but if your opponents are losing money, they will all the more lose more gradually, in case they pass by your properties. Once you own a number of small properties, you can make your opponents lose more money if they land on your properties. You also paralyze them into building more houses and hotels.

Do not buy utilities

You will only throw your money on these useless utilities. You cannot use these utilities for trade-offs. Moreover, the chance that your opponents will pass through these utilities is very slim, so you would not want to waste your money on these properties.

Buy railroads

In this social game, buy railroads if you have the opportunity. You can collect money from owning these properties, and at the same time, you can trade railroads for other properties. There are players who love to own a railroad, so you can use this in times of trouble.

Learn how to trade properly

If you need to make a trade, do not be afraid to trade two lesser properties with one big property. You can beat your opponents if they start losing money, if they happen to pass by your big property. There are players who do not feel confident trading their small properties, but if you will think about it, once you have in your possession big properties, you can hit a jackpot once any of them passes by your property.

Stay in jail

In this social game, sometimes it is better to stay in jail so as to not to lose more money. For as long as your opponent is winning, try to stay in jail for as long as you can. When your opponent begins to lose money, then pay $50.00 and get out of the jail. You need to start acquiring more properties the moment you get out of the jail.

Be careful when building houses and hotels

Another strategy to win in this social game is to avoid building too much houses with the idea that your opponents will lose more money if they step onto your properties. It is better to build houses and hotels once you already own the entire color block. In that way, you do not lose too much money from building houses and from paying utilities, railroads, and rents. Once you have the entire color block, then start building houses so your opponents will pay more if they pass by your properties.

Monopoly is an enjoyable social game. You need to have some strategies in order not to be monopolized by your opponents. These tips will really help.