One of the ways you can meet women and start dating is through a wingman. A wingman is someone whom you have a close friendship with. He knows you well and your type of woman.  He can introduce you to women whom he thinks will greatly match your personality. He can discern whether a woman can be your lifetime partner or just a fling. Below are some wingman tips that you need to learn:

Do Not Make Him Look Desperate

If you introduce someone new to your friend, do not make him look like he is so desperate to get into a relationship – whether serious or not. Avoid making comments about his past relationships, the length of time he has been single, or anything that would make him look like a desperate man badly in need of a woman.

It is Not about You

One of the wingman tips you have to learn is to practice self-control, meaning, stop talking too much about yourself. Instead, allow your friend to shine. It is not about you but it is all about your friend trying to make an impression. Let them get to know each other better and just try to stay on the background and try to gather information about the woman from their conversation. As a wingman, you need to take note of that because you will gauge if they will click as a couple or not. Your primary duty is try to discern whether they are good for each other based on the information you will gather. A good quality of a wingman is to make his friend look like the perfect guy.

Back Up your Claims

One of the wingman tips you have to learn is to back up your claims. Since your sole purpose is to make your friend look like the perfect guy for her, you have to have some evidence or proof that what you are telling have some elements of truth. Do not make up stories that you know from the start are very different from the real self of your friend. ‘Sell’ your friend by highlighting his achievements in school or his current promotion in his job, etc. The important thing is that you will be able to make an impression for him and at the same time, you have some ways of proving that these claims are true.

Give them Alone Time

One of the wingman tips you have to learn is to know when it is time for you to leave. The moment that you see them having a good time, you must excuse yourself and just allow them to get to know each other better. This is also the time when you must do some guarding, meaning if you notice some men who are trying to get near the woman your friend is talking to, block them by striking some little conversations. In this way, your friend will not get any distraction from other men who want to start a conversation with the same woman.

Follow the above wingman tips and allow your friend to shine bright like a diamond.