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Woman Finds Scared Dog On Snowy Road, Takes A Look At Her Name Tag And Gasps

Woman Finds Scared Dog On Snowy Road, Takes A Look At Her Name Tag And Gasps

Have you ever found yourself driving down a dark road only to see something run in front of your car? The moment can be jarring and pretty scary. Well, that’s exactly what happened to one woman on a very snowy night. What she discovered when she stopped the car was heartbreaking. 

20. Driving 

Image: andrearossi

It was a cold and snowy night in January as Payden Trujillo drove down a highway. The highway was covered in snow and Payden was being extra cautious due to that. Then, something strange happened…

19. Odd Occurrence 

Image: Ground Truth Trekking

As Payden was driving down the highway she noticed something dark run right in front of her car. Luckily, Payden managed to hit the brakes just in time to avoid hitting whatever it was. She was stunned…

18. Checking It Out

Image: The Dodo

Payden decided to step out of her car and see what she almost hit. That’s when she saw a very young and skinny dog off the side of the road. She couldn’t believe her eyes. 

17. Luring Him 

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The dog looked terrified and practically frozen. Payden went into her car to grab a snack. She used the snack to lure the dog into her car so that she could take it out of the freezing cold.

16. Dog Tags

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Once the dog was in the car, Payden was able to get a better look at her. She noticed that the dog had dog tags on him. She figured this was great news as she could get her back to her owners!

15. Sad Reality 

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Payden took a look at the dog tags hoping to see an address or a name that she could contact. However, what she saw nearly broke her heart. She couldn’t believe what she was reading. 

14. A Message

Image: The Dodo

Instead of finding a name or an address, Payden found a very sad message. It read: “My name is Lilly, if you found me please keep me. My family can’t and I need love.”

13. No One Looking 

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As soon as we saw it, we knew nobody was out there looking for her,” Mercedes Trujillo, Payden’s sister, told The Dodo. It was the heartbreaking reality of the situation. The sister’s were shocked at the way the family chose to handle the situation. 

12. Poor Decisions 

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There are quite a few no-kill shelters around that the owners could have dropped her off to, but instead they just left her. We couldn’t believe someone would throw out a dog like that.”

11. Taking Her 

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Once Mercedes realized that there was no one looking or Lilly, she knew she had to take her in. She knew that Lilly was in desperate need of food, shelter, and a lot of love. All of which she planned to provide. 

10. Bad Shape

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She was really skinny and had frostbite on her paws, so she had to have been out there for some while,” Mercedes said. “I wasn’t sure if she was even potty-trained because whenever she would eat or drink it went right through her.”

9. Getting Better 

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After a few weeks of care, Lilly started to get better. However, she was so terrified of being abandoned again that she would act out whenever she was left alone. She would often destroy things around the house.

8. Separation Anxiety

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I was staying with family friends who finally said they couldn’t have her stay there anymore,” Mercedes said. “Her separation anxiety was really bad at first, so we just kind of kept friend-hopping for a place to stay because nobody really wanted her in their house.”

7. Adjusting More 

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Eventually, Lilly began to adjust more to being alone. Mercedes got special permission to bring Lilly with her on her campus housing and she was even allowed to bring Lilly to some classes. Still, Lilly happened to be very scared of men. 

6. Former Owner 

Image: Instagram/floofylooly

I’m thinking her former owner may have been a man, because, before, we couldn’t even pass by a guy without her lunging at him,” Mercedes said. “Since I’m a mechanical engineer, I was surrounded by guys in my classes, so she sat with them and got to know them on her own terms.”

5. Different Dog 

Image: The Dodo

Now two years later, Lilly is a completely different dog. She is friendly, loving, and well-adjusted to her new life. Lilly absolutely loves to adventure out in the great outdoors and Mercedes is so grateful for her. 

4. Hiking Partner 

Image: The Dodo

Mercedes says that Lilly makes for an excellent hiking partner. The two of them have been hiking mountains together and hanging around the beach. Lilly has never been happier!

3. New Sibling 

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Recently, Mercedes adopted a new dog, 1-year-old Ayla. Ayla is a greyhound mix adopted from The Barking Lot Rescue. Lilly loves her new little sister. 

2. Getting Along 

Image: The Dodo

Lilly really likes having a little sister,” Mercedes said. “They have a ton of fun playing together.” Lilly’s confidence has been skyrocketing and Mercedes is just so happy about how everything has worked out for the best. 

1. Complete Change 

Image: Instagram/floofylooly

“Lilly is a complete 180 from the scared puppy she was two years ago,” Mercedes said. “Now, all the people who didn’t want her in their houses are amazed at who she’s grown into. She’s such a good dog. But I honestly don’t feel like it took very much to get there — just a little time.”