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This Woman Raised These Lion Cubs From Birth, Now She’s The Leader Of Their Pride

This Woman Raised These Lion Cubs From Birth, Now She’s The Leader Of Their Pride

Lions are some of the most beautiful animals in nature and also the deadliest. Not many of us are willing to put our lives at risk for the sake of interacting with one. This, however, is not the case with one South African animal trainer that has quickly established herself as the leader of a pack of four lions. Check out just how close she is able to get.


20. Lions

Image: The Daily Beast 

Lions are truly majestic creatures and they didn’t earn their name “King of the Jungle” for nothing. Although they’re glorious in form, their hunting skills should never be taken for granted. This is what makes them such well-known predators.

19. Size

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Lions can grow to some pretty massive sizes. African lions can weigh anywhere between 265 lbs to 420 lbs. Lengthwise, the lions can reach between 4.5 to 6.5 feet. These giant cats are truly not ones that you’d like to be messing with.

18. Still Curious

Image: Africa Geographic Magazine 

If you’re still thinking that you could take on a lion despite all of the length and weight facts, then you’ll be blown away by this next fact. Lions can run at 50 mph and can leap as far as 36 feet. It’d be fair to say that you’d never stand a chance outrunning one.

17. Brave Trainer


With all of this information at your disposal, it becomes even more amazing to find out that some people choose to get up close and personal with lions anyway. That happens to be the case with one South African animal trainer that has gotten pretty darn close to her lions.

16. Lion Trainer

Image: Daily Mail 

Meet Or Lazmi, an Israeli native that has found a home at the South African Seaview Predator Park. Lazmi is both an animal trainer and manager of the park and has established herself as the leader of a pride of lions. So how did she accomplish this?

15. Accomplishments

Image: Daily Mail 

The Seaview Predator Park is a private establishment and is located in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. At this park, Lazmi has had the pleasure of raising four lions since they were tiny cubs. She claims that this is the secret to establishing dominance.

14. Dominant Figure

Image: Daily Mail 

Lazmi has raised the lions since they were cubs and thus have established her as the leader. The lions are under the impression that she is stronger than them and they treat her with the utmost respect. They also do the same for guests.

13. Guests


Since the lions respect Lazmi so much and wouldn’t dare misbehave when she is around, Lazmi has been able to invite guests into their pen area. That’s how one Animal Planet reporter made her way into the pen to interview Lazmi about the situation.

12. The Reporter


Lazmi explained to the reporter that if she weren’t in the pen with the lions the situation would be far more dangerous. She stated that it “would be a different story” without her around. The trainer’s presence keeps the lions from acting rowdy.

11. Big Questions

Image: White Wolf Pack 

The reporter was obviously blown away by the situation and immediately asked Lazmi how she has been able to assert her dominance despite them getting older and bigger. Lazmi had a simple response that no one was expecting.

10. Response


We respect them as wild animals, to start off with. I think that’s one of the key points. We don’t train them; we don’t do anything like that,” Lazmi explained to the reporter. She then went on to explain the situation in more detail so that everyone could better understand the relationship.

9. Respect

Image: My Port Elizabeth 

You basically need to earn their trust and their respect. They’ve known me as a constant dominant figure in their life since they were babies, and that’s why I’m able to go up so close to them now,” Lazmi explained.

8. Small Woman

Image: Little Things 

Lazmi who is about 5 feet tall and weighs around 120 pounds states that she has no fear being around these lions. The lions will often give her kisses and even snuggle up for some cuddle time. Lazmi adores it all.

7. Tigers

Image: Daily Mail 

Lions aren’t the only giant cats that Lazmi trains at the Seaview Lion Park. You can also find her around some pretty enormous tigers. She’ll cuddle up with some pretty massive Siberian tigers. 

6. Giant Tigers

Image: Daily Mail 

Lazmi will often cuddle up with Shosho, a male Siberian tiger. This tiger weighs in at 462 pounds and you’d never believe just how soft hearted he is with Lazmi. She’ll cuddle them up and feed them through a bottle, once again establishing herself as the main dominant figure. 

5. No Fear 

Image: Daily Mail 

People are scared of tigers because they are so powerful, but we train them to understand ‘no’. I never let them use their claws or teeth on me. I have only been scratched when they were tiny and knew no better,” Lazmi said. She makes sure to show no fear when she is around her giant cat babies. 

4. Replacement Mother

Image: Daily Mail 

I live on site and spend four hours a day, seven days a week with the tigers. I have to replace their mother in every way when they are young; bottle feeding, walking, and even potty training,” she explained. Through this bonding experience, Lazmi has earned the respect and adoration of the lions and tigers at the park. 

3. Feisty Tigers

Image: Daily Mail 

They are more similar to human babies than lion cubs, as they cry all the time – we even have to rock them under the arms to calm them down. Shosho is my big boy and always loved cuddles, but Faye was a feisty cub – I think I’ve got her under control now.”

2. Ongoing

Image: Daily Mail 

Lazmi has no intention of stopping her daily job of taking care of lions and tigers. She greatly enjoys the dedication that it takes to earn the respect of a wild animal and keep it in order. “It’s not your everyday job, but these tigers are my babies,” she says. 

1. Incredible

Image: YouTube 

It’s incredible to see such wild animals show such respect for one tiny animal trainer. Lazmi has truly proven that there is a way to earn the respect of even the most well-known wild predator.