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Woman Takes Dog Every Day To Work, Now He’s An Official Employee There

Woman Takes Dog Every Day To Work, Now He’s An Official Employee There

Some animals end up with jobs better than ours. Of course, they don’t get a paycheck, but they’re rewarded with a home, food and a lot of love. Negão is the friendliest employee you will ever find at a gas station and he’s there to help you with anything you need if you include some cuddles as a tip!

25. Meet Negão


But Negão’s life wasn’t as bright as it is now. It all started a few years ago when Sabrina Plannerer and her partner purchased a Shell gas station. Soon they would meet the best employee ever!

24. The First Employee


Around the site of construction, there was a dog roaming the place. The gas station wasn’t completely built and when Sabrina saw the dog, she something had to be done!

23. They Helped Him


Instead of making the dog leave the construction site, Sabrina and her partner decided to help him. So, they took him to the vet for vaccinations and de-worming. This dog would soon discover a new happy life!

22. Sabrina Adopted the Dog


Once they took care of the dog, Sabrina adopted him and bought everything: food, a dog house and a leash for his walks. Later, their pet who was now called Negão even got a job!

21. The Gas Station Opened


When the day of the opening arrived, Negão was there to greet the first customers. His new parents didn’t know how Negão would react seeing so many strangers, but the pooch was incredible! See it for yourself in the following photos!

20. First Day Of Work


On his first day, the pooch was a really good boy! He was a little bit scared by all of the people that came to the gas station, but he was ‘at work’ and did his best to make customers happy. You won’t believe what he received from his owners! It’s adorable…

19. A Badge Fit For Great Employees


Negão even got a badge to prove he is an employee and he has every right to roam around the place. As for his relation with the customers, he proved to be a natural. Everyone was in awe! Here’s why everyone loves him…

18. Negão is Amazing!


It was surprising for the dog to accept so many people, considering the place was different from what looked like when he first got there. Back when the station was still under construction, there weren’t many people around. Look at his smile!

17. A Smiling Employee


Plannerer said that every time customers come, Negão waits for them ‘and then goes up to say hello, winning them over with his charms’. What does he get from it all? Cuddles and some weird tips… You won’t believe what people bring him!

16. A Cherished Pooch


‘Customers love him. Some people even bring him toys’, said his mom. And when he’s done with greeting people and cuddling with them, he goes with Sabrina or a co-worker for walks in the town.

The doggo even managed to make a difference for other dogs! Here’s what he did…

15. An Inspiration


Sabrina’s act of kindness wasn’t overlooked. The story of Negão became famous and attracted the charity Group FERA. The group has received Sabrina’s support in finding homes for stray pets. And that’s not all!

14. Jobs For Pets


The charity group FERA aims to place stray dogs in more businesses so that the strays can get a certain kind of care and a safe place to call ‘home’. Our pooch seems pretty happy in the next photo, don’t you think?

13. Respect Animals


What Sabrina did was give the poor dog a chance to a new life. She showed him how to trust people and she has also encouraged other people to respect the animals around them. The pooch is a star on Instagram and the next photo made him famous!

12. Everyone Loves Negão


Imagine going to work and cuddling with your best four-legged colleague. It not only is a way to relieve stress, but you could also spend your breaks doing something healthy, like running with Negão! Sabrine encourages people to do the next amazing thing, and we couldn’t agree more.

11. Hire a Pet


Sabrina believes that Negão’s story could help other stray pets get new homes and maybe some establishments will hire a different kind of staff. Negão has one more message for his fans, here it is…

10. Some Licks to Say You’re Welcome!


I mean, come on, don’t say you’d mind getting greeted by this goofball! You’re off doing some chores and you’re also having fun playing with Negão. The doggo is a heartbreaker and the next photo will melt your heart!

9. He’s a Heartbreaker


And let’s face it, who’s going to be bothered by this handsome employee? Sabrina loves him and she’s not afraid to show it. She recently posted the next photo on social media…

8. Kisses


To show you that animals make great employees, check out these pets that also have awesome jobs, if not weird! They’re hilarious!

7. Bodhi, the Top Model


Bodhi, the Shiba Inu is the famous ‘Menswear Dog’ that models for male clothing and we are shocked to see how many Instagram followers he has. Wondering how fat his paycheck is?

6. A True Star


About $15,000 per month, from sponsored posts on social media and contracts with famous brands!

The next cat on our list is a… security guard!

5. Millie is a Security Guard


You don’t need eyeglasses, because yes, that’s a cat! This Bengal cat was always on the factory floor at Bandai’s toy warehouse (Southampton, England). So, the cat has a tiny uniform and a lot of food for which it’s working its tail off!

The next kitten even met the President!

4. Larry – The Chief Mouser (U.K.’s Cabinet Office)


Larry is on the job, greeting guests, inspecting the places and napping on the furniture, it’s all in the job description if you’re wondering. Sometimes he thinks of catching mice.

He even did a photoshoot! Check him out in the next photo…

3. A Famous Cat


Larry has been in the office since 2011 and is the member of the civil service. Now that’s a pretty important cat! 

The next doggo is a lifesaver!

2. Smiley – Avalanche Rescue Dog


Smiley uses his keen nose to save people that have been buried under snow. He has been through a very advanced training to become part of the search and rescue team. He’s a superhero, just like this next cute pooch.

1. Molly – Therapy Dog


Molly has learned a lot to be able to be a therapy dog. She has to comfort people that are very stressed. You will see her in different places, such as hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and even in airports.

There are many other jobs pets are great at and if they’re doing it happily by your side, isn’t that the best job in the world?