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You Won’t Believe How Harmful Energy Drinks Were To This Pregnant Woman’s Husband

You Won’t Believe How Harmful Energy Drinks Were To This Pregnant Woman’s Husband

Energy drinks are a highly controversial topic because while some people might enjoy getting a boost of energy from them, they are also filled with bad chemicals. As a rule of thumb, people should always avoid chugging energy drinks and maybe get a coffee instead. You will be shocked and terrified to find out what can happen to you if you get hooked on energy drinks.

20. Filled with Chemicals

Even though energy drinks are specially created to be tasty and to feel refreshing, they are actually filled with chemicals. But you know what’s the worst thing about them?

19. Great Advertising

Companies who produce energy drinks are always creating great marketing campaigns by paying top athletes to drink them, thus making them seem cool. However, what if I told you that your life could be ruined if you drink too many of them? Just scroll down and you’ll know what I am talking about.

18. Disabled

The man we are seeing in this picture is Austin and he suffered from a massive brain hemorrhage which left him disabled for life. As you can see, he cannot play with his little boy. But things were even worse than this… as you will soon find out. You’ll be shocked to see the connection between Austin’s case and energy drinks…

17. Pregnant Wife Speaks Out

The story of this man came to light when Brianna, his wife, decided to share her story on social media and shed some light on how damaging energy drinks can be when taken in large amounts.

16. Brianna Tells Her Story

Brianna decided that she needs to tell her story in order to show people what true love is about and how a bad vice can lead to a life-threatening scenario. Brianna started her social media post with this following line: “love is not in the little things”.

15. True Love

What Brianna was trying to say was that love is about working together and doing your best to make it work. Sadly, something horrifying happened when Brianna was nine months pregnant.

14. Nine Months Pregnant

Right after Brianna and her husband found out that they were going to have a boy, things changed for the worse. From being happier than ever, Brianna’s whole life was about to change when she received this phone call about her husband…

13. Terrible Accident

Brianna was sleeping safe and sound, knowing that she was going to have a baby boy but then, her phone rang! Who could it be? It was Austin’s mother who was informing her that her husband suffered a terrible accident and that he was in the hospital. Scroll down to see how Brianna reacted to this.

12. Bad Thoughts

Considering that Brianna was just about to have a baby boy, no one can blame her for getting scared after hearing her husband was lying in a hospital bed and that he might be disabled for life, something which ended up happening.

11. Brain Surgery

Brianna quickly got into her car and drove for two hours straight to the hospital. That’s when she found out that her husband suffered a brain hemorrhage and that he needs brain surgery. This is when Brianna felt like her entire world was falling apart, especially after seeing Austin’s devastated parents.

10. A Parent’s Love

Nothing can compare with the love parents have for their children, and the thought that his bad habit of drinking energy drinks caused his brain to hemorrhage was terrifying them. Check out the next picture to see how the brain surgery ended.

9. Successful Operation

The operation was successful, but Austin was lying in a coma. Brianna said in her social media post that she never felt something worse than this in her life! This gets even worse because she was days away from having the baby!

8. Baby Boy

Despite her husband lying in bed, Brianna went on and delivered the baby by herself! This shows us what a strong woman Brianna is, but something miraculously happened after their baby was born!

7. Waking Up

Brianna went to visit her husband right after their baby was born, and miraculously, Austin woke up! This family was finally seeing their first ray of sunshine. However, things weren’t like before anymore…

6. Physically Disabled

As we can clearly see in the picture above, Austin was left physically disabled after this incident. In order to make him better, Austin went through multiple brain surgeries which left him with an irreparable hole in the front of his skull.

5. Brave Woman

Brianna is now showing the entire world how things are because her love for Austin hasn’t faded, despite his serious physical disability. Brianna says that her everyday routine includes taking her of care husband, kid, house chores and then spending some time for herself. This proves that Brianna wasn’t lying about what she said before…

4. Love Is in the Small Things

It seems like the reason Brianna started her confession with “love is in the small things” is because she is now demonstrating what this means. All that matters to her is that her family is okay and that Austin is finally able to spend time with their beautiful son.

3. Too Many Energy Drinks

If we can take one thing from this story, other than the fact that Brianna loves her family, is that everyone should stop relying on energy drinks when they feel tired. A great alternative would be to try and manage your sleeping schedule.

2. Healthy Life

Even though getting a boost of energy might feel great, I can assure you that avoiding those drinks will be so much more beneficial to your health. Just look at Austin and Brianna’s story and see what happens to people who use too much.

1. Bad for Your Health

There are many other cases of people who are being affected by the chemicals in energy drinks, and governments need to at least implement some regulations against them. Nonetheless, what is your take on energy drinks?