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Young US Presidents, Before And After

Young US Presidents, Before And After

Becoming the US President is not just a political virtue, but it’s a huge responsibility because these men end up being the most powerful and influential people in the world. Although, US Presidents weren’t always wise middle-aged men and today’s pictures are going to show us how these historically important men looked when they were young. #8 will leave you in awe!

20. Barack Obama

What better way to start than with a picture of Barack Obama when he was 18 years old? This man will go down as the coolest president ever. His speeches were always amazing and he set an example for all future presidents. Although, this is not the only picture we have of young Barack Obama and you won’t believe how awesome the next one is!

19. Black Leather Jacket Cool

As if the man wasn’t cool enough, he had to wear an all-black leather jacket to match his personality. Talking about good looking Presidents, you won’t believe who is next on our list.

18. George W. Bush

This picture shows us George W. Bush during his time at Yale. George W. Bush is infamous for being quite wild in his teenage days and this picture kind of gives us a glimpse of it. The upcoming US President also looked like a superstar during his youth.

17. Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan was 39 years old when this picture was taken and his classic Heisman pose shows how athletic he used to be. I bet he scored a lot of touchdowns during his hay-day. Even though all of these pictures are about US Presidents, not all of them are as famous as the next one. 

16. John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy will remain in history as one of the most famous US Presidents ever. I am sure that the fact that he is super handsome helps with that. Although, John F. Kennedy doesn’t have anything on the next President that I am about to show you.

15. Gerald Ford

This handsome devil is none other than Gerald Ford himself. The first picture is taken when he was 18 years old and the second one at 20 years old. It seems like all US Presidents loved football in their teenage years. Don’t believe me? Then scroll down and see for yourself. Richard Nixon was such a handsome man!

14. Richard Nixon

This mean looking fella is Richard Nixon in his college years. If there’s one thing I am sure about, it must be that I wouldn’t want to mess with him. The next photo will show you just how cool Bill Clinton was when he was young.

13. Bill Clinton

Isn’t it weird how Bill and Hillary Clinton looked like hippies in the second picture? Especially when considering that Hillary almost became the first female US President. Check out this next picture of them and see how happy they used to be.

12. Young Couple

From what I can tell, Bill and Hillary Clinton used to smile a lot more for pictures back when they were young. Nonetheless, they are one of the most powerful couple the world has ever seen. Ready for the manliest president on our list?

11. Abraham Lincoln

This is the earliest picture of Abraham Lincoln. He looks so different without his famous beard. Little did he know he was going to become one of the best US Presidents ever. We must say that he looks amazing, but Franklin Roosevelt was even more dashing! Check him out in the next photo.

10. Franklin Roosevelt

Franklin Roosevelt is another US President that was known for his stylistic facial hair, his huge mustache to be more exact. However, it seems like the classic clean shaved look suits him so much better. One might even mistake him with Ryan Gosling.

9. Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt is always portrayed as an old man that used to hold the weight of the free world on his shoulders. However, this picture shows us that Theodore Roosevelt could have won any modeling competition when he was young. 

8. Rutherford B. Hayes

While this picture might be black and white, Rutherford B. Hayes‘s good looks are not affected at all. The upcoming US President is also incredibly good looking.

7. James Garfield

Are those eyes dreamy or what? I bet no one wanted to leave their wives around James Garfield because we can all agree that he had the most beautiful eyes. Although, the following US President sure can give James Garfield some serious competition.

6. Theodore Roosevelt

Even though this is the second time Theodore Roosevelt makes an appearance on our list, we have to admit that his good looks would instantly make him a Calvin Klein model. An interesting fact about Theodore Roosevelt is that he was blind in one eye from boxing, but he kept this a secret until his later years.

5. John F. Kennedy

Did you know that John F. Kennedy became a national hero during World War II after he led a team of ten surviving crew members to shore? He even carried one of the survivors on his back on this three-mile swim.

4. Calvin Coolidge

As his name implies, Calvin Coolidge was a pretty cool US President. This is how he looked when he was young and didn’t have the weight of the world on his shoulders, yet.

3. William H. Taft

Does becoming a US President requires candidates to be models? There must be something going on because all of them look like modern-day Hollywood stars. Check out the next US president, he looks stunning!

2. Harry Truman

Harry Truman is known for his desire to be a soldier that fights on the front lines but unfortunately, his poor vision didn’t allow him to become one. This didn’t stop young Harry because he memorized the eye test and got successfully enlisted the second time.

1. Dwight D. Eisenhower

Dwight D. Eisenhower is the smiling man in the far right.  He is proudly wearing the uniform, but little did he know he was going to become a five star General and then the US President.