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This Zoo’s Decision Of Killing 9 Baby Lions Will Leave You Shocked

This Zoo’s Decision Of Killing 9 Baby Lions Will Leave You Shocked

Animal cruelty still remains a sore point and people are even more outraged with the Swedish zoo that has officially admitted killing 9 healthy lion cubs. Borås Djurpark is the place where the zoo lets lions breed and then kills the cubs for this unacceptable reason.

People from media, PETA, social media and other organizations are ready to fight off the cruel decision zoos all over the world take behind their fences. Here is the heart-breaking story of the lion cubs.

20. Four Lion Cubs Were Born

It all started in August 2012, when Simba, Nala, Sarabi, and Rafiki were born at the Swedish zoo, Borås Djurpark. Who would have thought that they would only live for a year? Can you believe the reason why they were killed?

19. Adult Lions Allowed to Breed

All the cubs born in the summer of 2012 were perfectly healthy and there was not reasonable motif for being put down. But the zoo found the presence of 4 young lions disturbing. Why was that?

18. Borås Djurpark

A zoo is a great place where we see animals from different parts of the world in one place. We learn things about them and it’s exciting. But looking behind the curtain will show you a cruel reality. It’s a place where the zoo officials kill them without mercy.

17. Other Three Lions Were Killed

In 2014, three more cubs were born: Kiara, Banzai, and Kovu. They were killed a year later by the zoo. And it gets worse… This professor of bioethics at the University of Copenhagen has a shocking point of view!

16. A Surplus of Lions

The professor, Peter Sandøe, stated that ‘Zoos don’t kill them for fun, they kill them because they’re doing rational breeding.’ So, the lions were allowed to breed, but then the ‘surplus’ animals just had to go… But this happened more than one time as you’re about to find out.

15. Four Cubs Were Born

The story continues with the summer of 2016, when Potter, Weasley, Granger and Dolores, other four cubs were born. Granger and Dolores went to an unnamed zoo in England. Guess what happened with the other two cubs…

14. Two More Lions Were Killed

Potter and Weasley had to be put down. Why are we not surprised by it anymore? There is a hidden reason why the zoos let animals breed and then they kill the babies once they’re weaned. It’s a technique to bring visitors to the zoo. After the animals grow, the zoos discard them. Here’s how many lions they killed in total…

13. Nine Lions Killed in Six Years

In just six years, the zoo killed nine healthy young lions. Growing up to 1 year of age, they were no longer tiny and cute, so nobody could pet them anymore. That meant they were no longer profitable

Suddenly, the sight of zoo workers at Borås Djurpark dressed as lions doesn’t seem cute anymore.

12. No Accommodation For Them

Instead of trying to relocate them or sending them to Africa, the best decision was to kill them. Of course, the zoo has an excuse. They said that ‘unfortunately there were no zoos that could accommodate them’. Yes, no zoo would want an endangered species of African Lions.

11. In Defense of Animals

People all over the world are appalled by the unjustifiable murder of young lions that were healthy. The communications director for In Defense of Animals, Fleur Dawes stated that ‘Zoothanasia is a rampant, cancerous practice that betrays intelligent, conscious individuals for money.’

10. African Lions Are a Vulnerable Species

Not only the habitat of African lions is getting smaller and the prey is scarce but people are also hunting them. And here we are, watching zoos doing exactly what the hunters are doing in the wild, also for money.

9. A Mere Attraction

It looks like zoos are not interested in conservation of threatened species. Fleur Dawes stated that they are calling on ‘the Swedish Government to retire the remaining animals to a sanctuary where they can receive genuine care and respect.’ Here is the Zoo’s CEO point of view.

8. Waiting to Die

Meanwhile, the lions in the Boras Djurpark have their days numbered. Who knows when another one gets killed because there isn’t enough room for it anymore? What did the CEO of the zoo say about their actions?

7. Bo Kjellsson, Boras Djurpark CEO

Bo Kjellson stated that they did their best to try and divest the young lions and accommodate them in other zoos, but no zoo wanted them. Sandøe, the professor of bioethics, takes their side saying that it’s better to let lions breed rather than using contraception. And what’s the reason behind it?

6. A Group Too Big is Aggressive

The CEO of the zoo said that they had to remove some animals because the ‘aggressions became too big in the group’. Sandøe insisted that the animals should be allowed to procreate as they do in nature so that they live full lives. He also stated that only one in ten cubs would survive in the wild.

5. The Public is Furious

But CEO and general counsel of Born Free USA, Prashant Khetan doesn’t agree with it. ‘When the decision to kill is made because the animals are deemed ‘surplus,’ it is heartbreaking’, he said.

4. Marius The Giraffe, Killed By Copenhagen Zoo

Unfortunately, this zoo isn’t the only place to kill ‘surplus’ animals. In 2014, at the Copenhagen Zoo, the officials killed a male giraffe, even though it was healthy. They killed Marius in front of the visitors and then there was a public autopsy followed by throwing the remains to the resident lions.

‘You paid the ticket, Marius paid with his life’, protested PETA.

3. A Public Autopsy on a 1-Year-Old Lion

One year later, at the Odense Zoo in Denmark, a young lion was killed because the zoo had too many lions. He was also dissected in front of children, for education purposes. The action raised scandals with people calling the zoo officials ‘disgusting murderers’ that should ‘rot in the deepest pits of ****’.

PETA described the killings and dissections as a nightmare ‘brought to life’.

2. Vile Actions Against Endangered Species

A spokesperson for Borås Djurpark replied to the outraged public and stated that their actions are according to ‘EAZA’s Code of Ethics and the Culling Statement’. Therefore, they perform euthanasia when the young lions would biologically leave the family. Moreover, all their actions are transparent to the media, their visitors, and the public.

1. Horrifying and Unjustifiable Murder

It makes us all wonder why we need the zoos in the first place and if we’d be better off without them than being witnesses to these tragedies. It is always shocking to learn about intentional killings at the zoo because there must be less gruesome alternatives to such a cruel decision.