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15 Reasons Why Melania is Different from Other First Ladies

15 Reasons Why Melania is Different from Other First Ladies

Melania Trump is married to President Donald Trump. Despite launching a cyber-bulling initiative, Melania has remained mostly behind the scenes. The public likes Melania but personal details are relatively unknown. Here are facts about Melania Trump.

13. Foreign Born

Image: NBC News

There have been two First Ladies who were born outside the United States. Melania was born in Yugoslavia. Slovenia, her native land, was part of the Communist country when she was growing up. Louisa Catherine Johnson, wife of John Quincy Adams, was born in England. 

12. Communist

Image: Bustle

Slovenia is now an independent country. It was previously ruled by dictator Josip Tito as part of Yugoslavia. Melania’s father Viktor Knavs was a member of the Communist Party, although there is a dispute about whether he as an active member. 

11. Viktor Knavs

Image: Inquisitur

Viktor Knavs was a travelling car salesman who many people have compared to Donald Trump in attitude. Even in economically desperate times for the country, he amassed a collection of expensive cars and fancy clothes. His experience was common for officials who worked for state-owned companies in late Communism, which as marked by corruption. 

10. Third Wife

Image: Stylecaster

Unlike other presidents, whose personal lives have been heavily scrutinized, Donald Trump has been able to move into the White House with his third wife. His first marriage to Ivana Trump ended in 1992. His second marriage to Marla Maples ended in 1998. 

9. Wedding

Image: Sputnik News

The Trump’s 2005 wedding was a star-studded affair. Kelly Ripa, Matt Lauer, Elton John, and Heidi Klum all attended the nuptials. Bill and Hillary Clinton also attended the wedding, which took place at Mar-a-Lago. The wedding dress cost $200,000.

8. Model

Image: Yahoo

Melania as a fashion model before marrying Trump. She appeared in Vogue, GQ, Sports Illustrated, Harper’s Bazaar and British GQ. She posed nude in British GQ and other magazines. This was also a first as no nude photographs of other First Ladies have appeared in magazines.

7. Education

Image: Time

Melania graduated high school in 1985 and attended college. She studied architecture until two years later, when a photographer asked if she wanted to model. She dropped out of university and enrolled in a modeling school. 

6. Tall

Image: US Magazine

Melania is tied for tallest First Lady at 5 feet, 11 inches tall. Michelle Obama and Eleanor Roosevelt were also 5″11. The shortest First Lady in history was Eliza Johnson at 4 foot, 9 inches. Her husband Andrew Johnson was 5 foot, 11 inches tall.

5. Amalija

Image: Yahoo

Melania’s mother Amalija as involved in fashion herself, developing patterns for a clothing factory. Melania walked her first catwalk at age five, modeling her mother’s patterns. Amalija has another daughter as well. She recently became a U.S. citizen.

4. Five Languages

Like Many Europeans, Melania can speak several languages. As a girl she learned to speak Serbian in addition to Slovenian. She is fluent in French, German and Italian. Other First Ladies who knew anther language besides English included Louisa Adams, who spoke Dutch, and Mrs. Hoover, who spoke Mandarin Chinese.

3. No Nanny

Image: My Crazy Email

Melania does not have a nanny for her son. “I don’t have a nanny,” she told Harper’s Bazaar in 2016. “I have a chef, and I have my assistant, and that’s it. I do it myself. You know, those hours with your child are really important ones.” In 2013 she admitted that they did not have a second child because Donald was like a child. “We are happy and my hands are full with my two boys — my big boy and my little boy!”

2. Catholic

Image: Elite Daily

Melania is only the second First Lady who is a practicing Catholic. Jackie Kennedy was the first. Since Yugoslavia was Communist and religion outlawed, she had to be secretly baptized into the Church.

1. Muse

Her Secret Service name is Muse, while Donald’s is Mogul. Michelle Obama was known as Renaissance while Hillary Clinton as called Evergreen. Melania changed her last name, Knavs, to the German version, Knauss, when she became a model.