Hot oil massages are an ancient practice for good reason. In the absence of modern health care, hot oil massages fulfilled many wellness roles in people’s lives. If you have never tried a hot oil massage, you’re missing out on many benefits of this all-natural treatment. Aside from the fact it can simply feel luxurious and wonderful, here are some other benefits of a good hot oil massage.


It Promotes Good Blood Flow and Joint Therapy


Hot oil massages are an excellent way to increase circulation. This is an excellent therapy to treat high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity. It is also good for joint therapy and can treat issues for more active people with sports and exercise related injuries.


It Softens and Rejuvenates Skin


This certainly makes hot oil therapy popular with women, but men will appreciate the rejuvenation factor as well. Even for the most rugged man, there comes a point where skin becomes so dry it starts to crack and can become painful. Hot oil therapy nourishes the skin and protects it from damaging levels of dryness while imparting a younger look to it.


It Can Increase Mental Alertness and Fight Depression


A good hot oil treatment is known to rejuvenate the mind as well as relax the body. However, depending on the oil used, it can also impart the benefits of aromatherapy which can be used to treat everything from depression to insomnia. Thus hot oil therapy can be used as part of a more holistic wellness ritual.


Fight Back Pain


Massages, particular hot oil massages, are an excellent way to combat chronic back pain. Even better, with so much controversy surrounding pain medications, it offers an all-natural, non-addictive alternative to opioids for chronic pain management.


Headache Management


The application of pressure to the neck and shoulders is well-known to reduce stress and tight muscles, both of which can cause tension headaches and migraines.


Treat Arthritis Pain


Both the heat and massage itself are excellent in treating arthritis pain as an increase in blood flow typically lessens symptoms. The heat from the oil also serves to relax stiff joints.


Diabetes Management


Studies have shown anecdotal evidence of massage therapy helping the body regulate insulin. While it may not work in all situations, there are no drawbacks and other health benefits to gain by trying this treatment.


So Try An All-Natural Advantage


Perhaps one of the best parts of hot oil massage therapy is that it is entirely drug free and it is known to work. In fact, 35% of people report lessened pain after a massage therapy session. There is no drawback to adding a massage to your day. And your body and mind will thank you for the attention. Additionally, it pays to know your oils. Different oils have different health benefits. You can search around online or try a reputable comparison site like toptenthebest and let the professionals do your homework for you.