Your facial hair can say a lot about you. If you want to give a good impression, even to people who won’t get the chance to talk to you personally, you should style your hair the way you want. If you want to look neat, of course, you have to take your hair grooming seriously and shave your beard regularly.

But, shaving your beard isn’t the only way to groom yourself. You can also try various beard styles to achieve different looks. However, trying different beard styles can be inconvenient, as choosing the wrong look can’t be immediately fixed without shaving it all off. So, how do you know which styles to choose?

Different Beard Styles

Here are some different facial hair styles that you can try. Of course, consider the impression that each look will give so that you can choose which one you think is best for your personality.

Mutton Chop

A beard style that is shaved at the goatee part, and thick at the sides. The sides of the beard, at the jawline, are a bit rounded and thick. The sideburns are natural and not touched by the razor, and the goatee part is shaved clean. This look is common for historical men, which gives it a classy and manly look.

Wax Moustache

The wax moustache look is the symbol of gentleman. This look has a shaved beard at the sides and the bottom of the face, and the facial hair at the upper lip is retained. This look has a slight curl at the tip, which can be achieved by curling the tip of the moustache by twisting the hair.

Pencil Thin

Pencil thin moustache is a facial hair look that removes a lot. The only hard remaining is the thin line of hair near the lip. There is also a thin vertical line of hair from the center of the nose.

Clean Shave

If you want to look fairly neat, this should be your chosen look. Cleanly and evenly shave your beard and moustache.

Tips For Proper Shaving

Whenever you’re shaving or styling your beard or moustache, it’s important to do this properly to avoid infection, uneven shaving, and cuts. Make sure that you’re styling your facial hair like this:

  • Prepare the skin;
  • Lather up using a shaving cream or gel;
  • Shave slowly and accurately;
  • Moisturize your face.

Whether you’re looking for a clean shave or a different look, be sure to take your time to achieve best results.