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This Guy Returned Early From Traveling To Surprise His Dad. But His Father Didn’t Even Recognize Him

This Guy Returned Early From Traveling To Surprise His Dad. But His Father Didn’t Even Recognize Him

20. Leaving the Nest

It is not uncommon for young people to want to leave their parents or guardians and get out and see the world. In fact, with the millennial generation, it seems that travelling abroad has become more common amongst younger people than ever before. With the will to leave home, see the world, and accomplish one’s dreams, there is always something that keeps the heart tethered to home. That something is usually in the form of a dear loved one. 

19. Fulfilling the Dream

The story of 22-year-old George Pike is one that can be related to so many who have decided to leave home and see the world. George decided that traveling the world was exactly what he wanted to do. So, he decided to leave his younger brother and dad behind in order to fulfill his dream of adventure to far away places and immerse himself in new cultures. The adventure of his life was about to take shape. 

18. The Land Down Under

In the beginning, George’s  plan entailed spending a couple of years abroad, so that he could see as many sights as possible.George wanted to visit many parts of Australia, including Adelaide and Sydney. However, like most adventures abroad, things were about to unexpectedly change for George. 

17. Hip Surgery Doubts

Although heading overseas is what George had always wanted to do, he knew going away wouldn’t be easy, especially because that meant saying goodbye to his family. His father growing older at the age of 70, was planning to undergo hip surgery before George was scheduled to leave. George, who cared deeply for his father could not shake the feelings of anxiety and doubt about leaving his dad at such a vulnerable time.

16. Staying in Touch

Regardless of George’s anxiety, his father ensured him that the surgery would go as planned and that he would recover just fine in George’s absence. His father was adamant that he should continue on his way and pursue his dreams of adventure. So with his father’s blessing, George decided he would continue on and he left. Throughout his journey, no matter where in the world he was, George ensured he kept in contact with his family and his dad as much as he could. 

15. Documenting the Journey

George not only kept his family updated, but he made sure he documented his journey for the Internet as well. Following the times, George set up a channel on YouTube. There, he documented his daily adventures in a video diary format also known as “vlogging” aka video-blogging. Throughout the process, his videos started to gain many views and before he knew it, his journey had gone viral.

14. Health Issues

However, on the other side of the world, George’s dad had developed a minor infection shortly after his operation, exactly what George was afraid of. George had only been away from home for nine months but he knew in his heart it was time to go back home and be by his father’s side in his moment of need.

13. Would He Remember?

George and his brother devised a brilliant plan to not only get him home swiftly but to surprise his father. Although he had only been away for nine months, George knew his father’s health was in fast decline and he was worried that his father wouldn’t even recognize him due to his current state of sickness. In communication with his family, it was becoming more clear how serious the situation was. In an anxiety-riddled state, he started his journey home. 

12. Headed Home

There was only one way to find out if his father would be okay, so the two brother’s plan was officially set in motion. George and his brother decided to keep their father completely in the dark, as they thought it would lift his spirits. When George arrived back in the country his brother picked him up from the airport and they headed over to his sick father’s house to surprise him.

11. Capturing the Moment

Once they arrived at the house, George’s brother broke the ice by chatting with his grandfather and set up a hidden camera so they could capture his reaction and hopefully the touching memory, forever. The idea was brilliant, and both men thought it would be the perfect heartwarming video to share with all George’s fans. However, everyone’s nerves could be felt a mile away as no one wanted the reunion to south. 

10. Father and Son

George’s fears of not being recognized soon started melting away as he walked into the room and he immediately reached out to shake his dad’s hand. However, George’s father was so taken aback by his son’s surprise arrival that he was speechless, leaving George to think maybe his father had forgotten his identity. Could things have gotten this bad, that his own father couldn’t recognize him?

9. The Wait is Over

Luckily, for George, his papa could ever forget his face. In an emotional scene, George’s father climbed up out of his chair and pulled his son in close for a long-awaited hug. The two men remained holding each other for a long while as tears rolled down both of their faces. It was safe to say that after the months apart the two had so much to catch up on and memories to share with one another. 

8. Priceless Moments Gone Viral

After capturing the emotional scene on camera, George’s brother uploaded it to George’s Youtube Channel. Instantly, it went viral as the video warmed the hearts all across the internet. There is nothing like the bond between parent and child, and neither sickness nor distance can come between it. 

7. Reunited at Last

The powerful bond between father and son definitely tugged on the heartstrings of many, and the video has been viewed more than 50,000 times. Some viewers expressed their admiration for the two of them being so open with their affection. However, George’s dad is not alone in feeling overcome with emotion on being reunited with his boy after months apart

6. Away at War

Similar to George’s story are the stories of many soldiers coming home from war. Sometimes on occasion, a soldier or military personnel will be allowed to go home early. Many military families will tell you that there is no better way to surprise family than an early arrival from serving overseas. The next story will have tears rolling down your face. 

5. Returning from War

Mason Miller, a soldier that returned home early after serving in Afghanistan for a year, was about to surprise his family and give them the shock of their lives. With the help of his neighbor, he planned a trip home to surprise his father and the rest of his unsuspecting family because he knew there was no better way to warm their hearts. Like George, the young soldier also chose to document the incredibly moving scenes on YouTube.

4. A Tearful Reunion

As a result, the reunions went viral. To date, they’ve been viewed more than seven million times collectively and have been featured on multiple news and social media sites. The tear-jerking video capturing his father’s reaction has attracted almost six million views alone. The emotion displayed in the video is unlike anything else unless you have truly experienced that feeling yourself.

3. Interrupting a Meeting

What added to the video’s popularity was the fact that the son decided to interrupt an important business meeting that the father was in. Some viewers even pointed this out, “For a split second his dad looked like he was about to lay the smackdown on whoever interrupted his meeting,” one wrote. When the father discovers who was behind the interruption, the father’s reaction is beyond priceless. 

2. Pure Emotion

Many viewers chose to focus on how the videos made them feel, “It’s really hard watching this and not tearing up,” claimed one. Hilariously, others blamed their tears on something else entirely. One viewer even stated, “Who the **** is throwing onions at my eyes!!”. This video is not only moving to watch because of the emotions displayed in the video, but it is a feeling that almost everyone can relate to in some shape or form. 

1. What Truly Matters

Nevertheless, perhaps these videos provide a valuable lesson for us all. Put simply, we should never take our loved ones for granted. We should always tell them how much we love them, no matter what is going on. Time spent with love ones, no matter where, is truly priceless.