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Honduras: Practice Yoga at a Mayan Site

If you are interested to learn about the culture of Mayans, travel to the various archaeological sites in Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, several Mexican states, and in Honduras. The Copan Ruinas is the most studied archaeological site in Honduras. The town of Copan Ruinas is small but there are many tourists who visit the place. You can visit the Copan archaeological site which is popular for its stone sculptures, especially the huge and intricately carved stones depicting former leaders.

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Hacienda San Lucas

If you travel to Honduras, you will learn that Hacienda San Lucas is the most popular hotel in the town of Copan Ruinas. This is a 100 year old home owned by the Cuevas which they opened for tourists. The matriarch is an archaeologist who is known to be instrumental in the preservation of the remains in Mayan City of Copan. If you are in search of adventure, there are activities that await tourists while you are in San Lucas.

The Yoga Maya Fusion

For starters, you can do the Yoga Maya Fusion. This is a movement, meditation, and breathing technique, exploring two paths of Maya cosmology and the science of yoga.

If you travel here, the yoga instructor will teach you the correct pattern of breathing or oxygenation. This technique will allow you to become more active because you are drawing air inside your body the proper way. You will be taught how to do yoga poses for body alignment to prevent and cure body injuries.

If you have been actively participating in fit travel activities, your body went through so much stress. You need to slow down and practice posture flows, visualization, and breathing for self-healing. By being one with nature, you can be at a more relaxed state because you hear nothing but the singing of the birds.

Styles of Yoga

Power Vinyasa

This is a vigorous system of asanas linking breath to movement. You will melt to the pose as you breathe. This yoga is only for those who already have previous experiences on the basic poses of yoga.

Yoga Flow

Travel to this serene place and learn how each yoga pose (asana) can be followed by another pose creating a sequence that is called the yoga flow. You will be taught how to inhale and exhale while focusing on the proper alignment of your body.

Restorative Yoga

This is a class of being instead of doing. This is an advanced yoga for you will be holding your asanas for about three to ten minutes to help you relax deeply. You will be using some blocks, straps, and blankets while you hold an asana. The effects are better sleep, better digestion, lower blood pressure, and muscle relaxation.

Paddle Board Yoga

If you travel to Honduras, you can strengthen your core and your upper body through paddle board yoga. There are seated positions, gentle stretches, and standing poses. It will be capped with a savasana or relaxation on the paddle board.

What could be a better place to practice yoga than above a Maya archaeological site?