Husband Throws His Cheating Wife A Surprise Party She'll Never Forget - Best Revenge Story On The Internet - Natural Healthy Living

Husband Throws His Cheating Wife A Surprise Party She’ll Never Forget – Best Revenge Story On The Internet

Husband Throws His Cheating Wife A Surprise Party She’ll Never Forget – Best Revenge Story On The Internet

20. Happily Married

It seemed like they were happily married. They were called the perfect couple and their marriage was supposed to last forever. But events took a dramatic turn.

19. Always On Her Phone

After a while his wife started to become more and more distant, always buried on her smartphone, giggling and laughing. When his husband asked her what was going on she said that it was her mother.

18. Leaving For Hours

She started taking small trips to for groceries buying milk, pasta, fitness supplements. Strange stuff that made her husband suspicious. After some time these small trips became more frequent and larger. Did her husband tried to confront her?

17. Working Late

Then she started saying to her husband that she had to work late, leaving him wait for her for more hours every time.

16.Something Was Up

It was obvious that something was up. A personal issue or an affair? Let’s find out next!

15. Waited Till Morning

Those late working hours became more frequent and some times she wasn’t even returning home at all, leaving her husband wait till morning in anxiety.

14. His Fault?

Her husband started to wonder if he wasn’t enough or if he did something wrong but he was treating her perfectly and he couldn’t find an excuse for her to act this way. He realized he had to do something. Find out what he did in the next couple of slides!

13. Spying on Her

Although he considered it unethical he decided to spy on her and he found out that she was seeing her boss from the car company she was working.

12.Confronting Her

After he gathered all the courage he needed he tried to confront her… of course she denied everything and called him unfaithful and mislead from her actions for his decision to spy on her. He knew that all those were lies and he had to do something for it. It was time to seek revenge. Click next to see what he tried to do.

11. Birthday Dinner

As her birthday were coming he asked her if she wanted him to take her somewhere romantic as a last resort to save their marriage. After she denied it and suggested for him to leave town with his friends for her birthday he knew he had to revenge her.

10. The Plan

He started to assembly an elaborate plan. He thought that he could invite all her friends and family for a surprize birthday party and possibly find her with her lover showing to everyone what she did to him. It was the perfect idea and a party no one would ever forget!


Her birthday came and he kissed her goodbye saying that he was going to spend the next couple of days with his friends out of town. You definitely have to see what happened next!

8.Other Plans

Of course his wife had other plans, but she couldn’t even remotely imaging what was coming for her.

7. Getting Ready For The Party

Of course her husband never left town and went straight to her mother’s house where all her friends and relatives were there planning the party. Everyone was ready, a cake was baked, the balloons where ready and everyone holded their kazoos in hand.

6. Unlocking The Door

Then they arrived to the couple’s home. The husband unlocked the door as softly as he could getting ready to get the revenge of his life. What happened next is a complete madness. Click next to see!

5. Their Expectations

Everyone was expecting a normal surprize party. What could have been a normal birthday day turned out to be the worst day of his wife’s life.

4. The Other Lover

When the door opened everyone started to scream. They had caught them in bed making love. They all had the shock of their lives and things got even crazier.

3. Disgust and Shame

Everyone was disgusted and started shouting names to her. Her mother was screaming and her sister immediately left the house in shame. The husband although hurt stayed back and enjoyed the scene.

2. Wife Crying

His wife then started crying and apologizing to him but it was already late. He announced to her that they were breaking up and left. She now had to explain the unexplainable to her family and friends.

1. Best Party Ever

It was a **** of a party said the husband after awhile. Surely no one could ever forget this party. I wonder if anyone even say happy birthday to her…