Do you need to stay awake for long hours for an important project without getting a caffeine overload? Then this article will help you on how you can keep your mind alert with little sleep and without consuming cups and cups of coffee or tea. There are natural ways on how to combat sleepiness on days that you need to finish something very urgent. Read on and be awakened on how to increase the level of your energy the caffeine-free way:

1)      Stay away from consuming big meals.

It is more advisable to take smaller portions of food but with increased frequency. Do you notice that every time you get full after lunch or dinner, you get sleepy after a few minutes of eating? Stay awake by eating snacks at two hour intervals. You can take salads or sandwiches – nothing heavy on the stomach that would make you feel lethargic.

2)      Double your water consumption.

The ideal daily water intake is one gallon per day. If you need to rush something, double the amount in order to keep you hydrated. Water will make you feel full and lessen your food craving. Plus water will increase the oxygen level in your body which is a good energy booster.

3)      Avoid sitting down for a prolonged period of time.

If you are in front of the computer regularly, stand up and walk around regularly as well. Take a fifteen-minute break and stretch your muscles. Studies have shown that a twenty minute walk will make you alert and increase your energy level. Talk to someone and have a good laugh. It will make you alert and prevent you from falling asleep.

4)      Listen to some music.

It will also increase the level of your concentration. Be sure though to choose the songs that you do not listen to when you are in bed and ready to fall asleep.

5)      Stay awake by giving your eyes some break.

Take a twenty minute break and exercise your eyes, especially if you have been working in front of the computer. In this way, you will avoid headache tension. Practice distance vision by looking far away for twenty seconds. This can relax the muscles around your eyes.

6)      Do some stretching.

This will surely relax your aching muscles and rejuvenate you. Stretch your legs, your arms and your back muscles. Stretching will promote blood circulation which can help increase your concentration.

7)      Practice polyphasic sleep pattern.

If you have been awake for the past 6-8 hours, take a twenty minute power nap. You will feel revitalized after the power nap.

8)      Stay awake by splashing some cold water onto your face.

You would feel an instantaneous boost thanks to the cold water.

9)      Chew some gum.

Studies have shown that chewing gum will make you more alert and increase the level of your concentration.

Dependency on caffeine to keep you awake could have negative effects on your wellness. It is known to be a stomach irritant when taken in large amounts on a daily basis. Stay awake the natural way and follow the tips stated above.