The Body Fat Solution diet is one of the most popular diets this year. Focusing on more than just your nutrition intake and exercise routines, it offers men and women a whole new way to look at the world of dieting.

Before we get too deep into these, we want to make one thing crystal clear about diets – your long-term health will not be set by doing some crash diet or “quick fix.” Living a life full of health and vigor starts by building healthy habits, not by some cleanse and not by eating clean for a few short weeks. In our opinion, the best solution is to make consistent and never ending improvements. Eat real food, drink water, be active.

Who Made The Body Fat Solution Diet?

The Body Fat Solution diet was put together in a book by a man named Tom Venuto, a personal trainer and bodybuilder. His experience in the weight-loss industry has led him to develop this diet plan with all of the nutrition, physical and psychological values involved.

How Does The Body Fat Solution Diet Work?

The main concept in the Body Fat Solution diet is the removal of psychological barriers and honing your mind into preparing itself for your eventual body weight loss. In his easy to understand steps, Venuto explains how your mind can prevent you from achieving your goals with misconceived notions or lack of confidence. Both men and women can benefit from these steps, as everyone experiences doubts when they try to visualize their idea of a perfectly healthy body.

Some people also suffer from an emotional eating problem, where they almost find it impossible to stop eating whenever they become emotionally out of balance. Many people find it hard to admit that they cannot control this problem, men included.

One of Venuto’s tools in helping battle this urge involves a reprogramming of your self-image. It has been shown in a study that simply taking time each day to think of your goals and how to get there, while ignoring any doubts, can help break you through even the toughest of habits. It is what you use to follow through with your routine that defines whether you succeed or fail.

The general approach in the Body Fat Solution diet is a lot like many other diets. What makes this one so different, besides the psychological enhancement aspect, is that not much is cut out from your food intake. That is, your nutrition intake is almost the same, and your health is only ever improved.

The approach for weight loss in this diet is simply a calorie consumed value versus a calorie burned value. Exercise is an important part of this diet, and as any dedicated men and women will tell you, you will be able to shape your whole body in no time.

The Advantages

On the plus side, this diet:

  1. Gives you the opportunity to customize your own meal plans, so the quality of your health improves.
  2. Was written by a professional trainer of bodybuilders, who has also has experience in knowing the nutrition needed by a person planning to lose weight.
  3. Takes note of the psychological aspect of your body’s conditioning, trying to teach you self-acceptance along with responsibility.
  4. Helps you stop any bad eating habits, particularly overeating or eating to alleviate stress, and helps prevent damage to your health.

The Disadvantages

  1. Is still a new process, so the success stories, should you look for them, are few and far between.
  2. Is in a book, which may be not appealing to some people.

Who Is It For?

The Body Fat Solution is suitable for any men and women seeking to make an impact with their body fat. The lack in editing the nutrition in your diet and the guides it gives for dealing with your emotional responses make it undoubtedly useful.