Even if you haven’t tried bullet proof coffee you’ve probably heard about it. The concept is that by adding butter and MCT oil to coffee you can increase your energy levels as well as help you lose weight, despite the high fat content. At first the ida sounds a little weird since we usually reserve butter for popcorn and baked potatoes, but when you think about the fact that butter is actually made from cream and cream is a totally normal coffee add in, it doesn’t sound so strange.

So what are the potential benefits? Drinking bulletproof coffee is for many people a replacement for breakfast all together. In the instance that someone was skipping breakfast to begin with adding in some fat in the morning will of course do the body good and increase the energy and metabolism. However, if eating a healthy breakfast was a normal part of your day and then you decide to skip it in favor of a bulletproof coffee, you might be doing yourself a disservice by missing out on the other vitamins and nutrients you were getting from a normal meal. There is of course the option of altering the rest of the daily diet to ensure that you’re getting more nutrients, but if you’re already eating a well rounded healthy diet then you will almost certainly be giving up some good stuff in a normal meal.

People who follow a low carb diet might find that drinking a high fat bulletproof coffee helps to keep them feeling fuller longer, which is a huge plus when you aren’t eating tons of fiber rich carbs. Getting this fat into the body could increase the ketone levels in the blood which then become available as fuel for the brain. This is really important when following a low carb diet to ensure that your energy levels stay high enough to not only function at your normal level, but have enough energy to get in great workouts.

People who are not on any special diet however might not benefit from the added energy from adding extra fat to their diet, because they are already getting plenty of energy in their diet as it is. For those people adding in a bulletproof coffee might just be tacking on excess calories and fat.

Now you might remember a time when all fat was considered evil and we obviously made it past that wrong assumption. We’ve even proves that saturated fat doesn’t directly lead to heart disease, as long as its eaten in normal amounts. But the amount of fat that you’re getting in a bulletproof coffee added to the amount of fat you might eat in a day anyway can get a little excessive. Added fats from oils and butters are generally added to a meal, as opposed to becoming the meal entirely. Some people report having an increase of their cholesterol levels after switching a high fat paleo diet and adding bulletproof coffee.

It’s likely that drinking bulletproof coffee is going to be different for everyone, and it might be great for you and not for the next guy or vice versa.