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After 2 Years This Dog Doesn’t Remember Her Owner, But When She Hears His Voice…

After 2 Years This Dog Doesn’t Remember Her Owner, But When She Hears His Voice…

Every dog owner cares for his pets and understands how difficult it is to be separated from them. But nothing is worst than losing your beloved animal one day.  This is exactly what happened to Ariel and Pakita, his dog.

This is the story of Pakita, the adorable pooch who lost her owner and ended up in a shelter. Two years later, something incredible happened and you won’t believe how Pakita found her way back home. Photo #6 will break your heart!

24. Pakita Got Lost

Like any other stray, Pakita was living on the streets. Walking around aimlessly, our pooch would soon be found and taken in by a shelter. Her story is only just beginning, but she’ll soon find a forever home and you won’t believe what fate had in store for our favorite doggo!

23. The Shelter

Someone passed by a street and found Pakita. As they believed she was a stray, they took her to Argentina’s Arca Animal refuge. No one knew what was going on with her even though the pooch looked healthy and well-fed.

22. Something Was Missing

After living for God knows how many days on the streets, Pakita was healthy but a bit shy. Although she didn’t seem to be hurt, Pakita wasn’t very excited to be rescued either. No one knew why…

21. New Friends

No one knew what happened to the pooch and why she refused to make new friends. Time passed by but unfortunately, nothing changed. The shelter staff was desperate and a solution had to be found otherwise she won’t be able to find a family really quickly.

20. Nobody Adopted Her

Two years passed and the people at the shelter couldn’t find her a family. She was too big and people usually looked for puppies rather than older dogs. Pakita has lost all hope, and sadly this was not all.

19. Rejected for Not Being a Puppy

Volunteer Silvia Ferreyra from the animal shelter said that ‘People prefer puppies. So, for two years, she stayed with us.’ But no one knew at that point what was about to happen. You won’t believe how quickly the circumstances changed for this pooch!

18. The Dog Was Waiting For Someone

Pakita didn’t have a chance at being adopted. So many people that came to adopt haven’t shown much interest in adopting her. But everything would soon turn alright and you’ll be amazed to see how it all happened!

17. It Was Time for Social Media

The shelter turned to social media for some help with Pakita. Although she was stubborn and didn’t want to get photographed, the staff finally managed to snap a few shots. What happened next surprised everyone! A woman actually responded and her phone call shocked everyone.

16. Hope Came Back

The shelter immediately received an answer. Pakita had a human best friend and she was just a lost dog. A woman contacted the shelter to tell them that the dog was her son’s. You won’t believe how she reacted when he came to take her home!

15. Pakita Was in For a Surprise

Her owner’s name is Ariel Naveira and he was more than happy to hear Pakita was alive and healthy. He didn’t waste any moment and the following day he went to the shelter to get Pakita. Guess how the pooch reacted?! 

14. A Familiar Scent

At first, Pakita didn’t recognize her owner. But he called her and as she came closer, she couldn’t contain her happiness when she felt his scent. Her reaction is so heart-breaking that it made us cry. See it for yourself in the following photos!

13. No Doubt

‘From that moment there was no doubt,’ Ferreyra said when she saw the poor dog’s reaction. Looking at the reunion, everyone present was in tears of joy. And Pakita couldn’t stop wiggling her tail! Just look at her…

12. A Happy Tail

Pakita was no longer a scared dog, as soon as she saw her owner she unleashed her happiness and started crying and licking him fiercely. She didn’t know what else to do…

11. Pakita Was Reborn

You can see how a dog really is when she’s happy. And Pakita didn’t have a hard time showing it to Ariel. The owner was also very happy to see her, as he did his best to embrace her and calm her down. Finally, Pakita found her way back home. You won’t believe how Pakita’s behavior changed after a few minutes, see it for yourself in the next photo.

10. Everything Would Be Alright

Pakita’s reaction had everyone in tears. The reunion was filmed and got posted on Facebook, going viral and melting everyone’s hearts on the internet. And who wouldn’t cry seeing her reaction? The owner couldn’t have been happier and after he took her home, this happened…

9. Emotional Moments

At first, the poor dog didn’t seem to recognize her human friend, but as she got closer, the scent got familiar and Pakita got excited, bursting out with joy. And we know that Naveira was feeling as excited as Pakita.

8. Ariel Was Very Sad to Lose Her

Ariel said that he was very sad to lose Pakita and now that she found her he is very happy that things are back to normal. Here is what he said.

7. We Are Speechless

‘I was sad to lose her but to get her back was spectacular. There are no words to describe it’. And he is right, there are no words that can describe this moment. The next photo is even more heartbreaking

6. Ariel Naveira Was Happy to See Pakita

The owner was in awe, seeing Pakita after two years of being apart. Who knew that one day your dog just wonders away from your house and you end up seeing her two years after you have completely lost hope of ever finding her?  But the video of their encounter went viral for the most curious reason!

5. The Film Reached Facebook

The volunteer at the animal shelter posted the heart-melting reunion on Facebook to show us the wonderful moment of reunion. It is also a reminder to dog-proof our homes and to take care of them so they won’t get lost.

4. Melting Hearts Around the World

The video reached the front page of Reddit and melted everyone’s hearts. Who wouldn’t shed a couple of tears when seeing this lovely moment?

3. It Was All Over, Finally

After 2 hard years, Pakita was finally happy and back together with her human friend. Talking about her human friend, he actually showed us some photos of the two of them and you won’t believe how Pakita changed! Just look at how happy she is in the next photo.

2. What Happened to Pakita After?

Well, she finally got back home and it’s been a year since she hasn’t tried to go out on her own. It seems that her adventurous past has taught her and Ariel a lesson.

1. Good to Be Back

Pakita is enjoying her happy life with her owner and she looks very happy. Look at her precious smile, it literally melts our hearts!