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Abandoned Newborn Puppy Finds The Care He Needs With A Nursing Cat

Abandoned Newborn Puppy Finds The Care He Needs With A Nursing Cat

Puppies are the cutest thing ever but sadly, their mothers don’t always accept them. This is a common thing in the animal world and the sad part about it is that it drastically reduces the chances of survival for the puppies. This is the story of Norland, the pit bull puppy who wasn’t wanted by his mother but found love in an unexpected place.

20. Newborn Puppies


Newborn puppies need their mother’s love in order to survive. Obviously, their mothers are needed to give them milk, love and protection. However, this is not the only reason why puppies can’t make it on their own.

19. Harsh World


The world is a harsh environment for newborn puppies and they need their mothers for guidance and safety. Luckily, there are places like Cleveland’s Animal Protective League (APL) that have a plan for issues like this one.

18. Cleveland’s Animal Protective League (APL)


The APL is an awesome facility that’s specialized in taking care of animals who are in need of help. This is the place where Norland was born, a puppy pit bull who was rejected by his mother

17. Norland


Even though Norland is one of the cutest puppies ever, his mother rejected him. The reason why his mother did this is unknown, but Norland was not taking it well. He was just one day old when this happened. How do you think he reacted to this?

16. Crying All Day Long


Norland was sad and scared. He just came into this world and there was no one to take care of him, besides the APL employees. What do you think is the first thing that the caretakers did after seeing how sad Norland was?

15. Human Care


The only thing that Norland had going for him was that the APL employees were amazing, caring people who wanted him to succeed. The employees tried feeding and caring for him, but this just wouldn’t do. Norland was still crying nonstop and the employees had to come up with a solution.

14. He Needs a Mother


This is what the chief APL caretaker had to say about Norland’s situation: “He needed some kind of immediate intervention if he was going to survive”. The entire APL staff got together in hopes of coming up with a solution to save Norland. Keep reading to see the brilliant idea that they had.

13. Brilliant Idea


After seeing that there’s no way for them to act as Norland’s mother, one caretaker came out with a brilliant idea. She said that if they can’t give Norland his own mother, they need to give him the next best thing. What was that?

12. Surrogate Mother


This is Lolaine the cat, and she had just given birth a couple of days before Norland came to this world. This led the caretakers to believe that Lolaine’s motherly instincts would drive her to take in Norland as one of her own. But this was tricky because Norland is not like Loliane’s kittens at all. How do you think Lolaine reacted to Norland?

11. Mother Instincts


The caretakers just held the puppy towards Lolaine and she instantly started sniffing and licking him. She officially accepted him as one of her own. This was great news for everyone, especially for Norland. Here’s how the puppy reacted to his new adoptive family…

10. To the Litter


Lolaine took the puppy to where her kittens were staying. The way that Lolaine was carefully taking care of Norland was the cutest thing, no one expected things to go so well. You won’t believe what Norland’s new mommy is doing when no one is watching!

9. New Family


The entire APL staff was amazed to see how well Norland is doing with his new family. This picture shows him standing in the same box as his brothers. The best thing about this situation is that Lolaine and Norland didn’t know they were different.

8. Natural Enemies


The caretakers said that Norland didn’t know his new mother was a cat and on the other hand, Lolaine had no idea that Norland is a pit bull dog. Considering how dogs and cats are natural enemies, seeing our two animals not caring about this is amazing. Although, Lolaine must have noticed this next thing.

7. Hungry Puppy


Now that Norland had a loving mother, he was starting to act like a normal puppy. Norland eats seven or eight times per day, something which might have given away the fact that he is not a kitten, but Lolaine doesn’t care. She is just playing her part as a surrogate mother.

6. Growing Up


The caretakers know that Norland is going to grow in size and this is going to make him completely different from his kitten brothers. We don’t know yet how Lolaine is going to react to that, but the caretakers already have an idea about what is going to happen.

5. Grown Pit Bull


Norland is going to get really big as time goes on and the caretakers said that they might return him to his mother. Although, that is not guaranteed because Norland may become to fond of his new adoptive family.

4. Adoptive Family


If one thing is certain, it’s that Norland and his brothers are going to have a fun time growing up. Norland is just going to be the “weird” kid in the family.

3. Lucky Puppy


All in all, Norland was super lucky to be taken by his adoptive feline mother. Not all puppies have the same luck as Norland, and the folks at the APL facility want to use Norland’s story in order to promote something amazing. Check out what noble cause they are promoting.

2. Adopting Foster Newborn Puppies


While Norland is having tons of fun with his new feline family, not all puppies are as lucky as him. This is why the APL employees want to use Norland’s story in order to maybe inspire caring people to adopt foster newborn puppies who are in need of a home.

1. Norland and Lolaine


Maybe we should all take an example from Norland and Lolaine and stop caring about the things that separate us.  Norland was super lucky to find an adoptive mother, especially since she is a feline, and he is surely going to have a great time growing up with his new family.