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Approach Any Woman: How to Speak to a Lady

Approaching women may seem simple, but it really can be nerve-wracking for most men. This is true especially for those guys who don’t really go out that much. Due to several factors like shyness, not being good at talking, and not being good at opening up conversations, guys cannot approach ladies.

Even though most guys may seem hopeless when it comes to approaching girls, this can be remedied. There are ways for a man to approach any woman. Read on if you want to learn the tricks for how to open up a conversation with a girl of any type.

Approaching Ladies

Being social greatly affects your ability to approach any woman. This will be one of your weapons that you’ll find handy when it comes to approaching girls. So, make sure that you practice being more sociable.

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Talk to Five Ladies Every Day

Make it a point to talk to five different girls every day. This will enable you to practice your social skills. Don’t worry about what you’re going to talk about. Just open up a conversation and let it take you from there. Doing this will enable you to approach people without feeling so nervous, building your confidence. Then, after a couple of days, take it a notch higher by talking to women who are out of your league. This will be challenging, which will further improve your social skills.

Lose the Agenda

If you’re to approach any woman, don’t obsess over the agenda of ending up dating or being in a relationship with them. This will prevent you from experiencing your conversation with the girl and will keep you distracted. Just talk with them and let the flow of your conversation take you from there. Approaching women doesn’t have to end up in relationships or dates. It’s about a journey of sharing yourself with others, so focus on that.

Have Fun

When you approach any woman and have finally started a conversation, it’s important to not get too stressed with it. Be a little funny while showing sincerity so that the conversation will be light and natural. Use self-deprecating jokes to insert humor into the conversation, but add a bit of sincerity afterwards so that the lady you’re talking to will think you’re amusing her because you’re genuinely interested in her.


When you approach any woman, it’s important to note that they don’t like being asked so many questions. Even though this may show that you’re interested in them, it may irritate them.

The best way to know more about a girl is to observe. Don’t just ask questions, observe what she’s doing. You can also take note of her clothes, the wine she’s drinking, or the food she’s eating. Base your questions or your topic of conversation on that. This will keep her interested because she knows you’re paying attention to her.

When approaching women, it’s important to note that being natural and not trying to act too cool will do the trick. Less is more.