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Approaching Women: Tips for the Modern Man

If you’re out and you happen to see an interesting woman, the big question is how you’re going to approach her. In this day and age, women take all precautions to save them from a possible stranger attack, and depending on the way you approach her, she may think you’re a jerk looking for a victim. Here are some tips to successfully introduce yourself to a woman in any environment.

Body Language

Always pay attention to body language when you want to approach a woman. If you see an interesting woman, take note of whether she’s in a hurry or if she’s talking to someone on the phone. Never approach a woman who seems busy. If she happens to be walking leisurely, then you can charm her with small talk. If she doesn’t respond to you, don’t feel bad because she has every right to refuse talking to a stranger.

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Talking to a Waitress

If you find a waitress attractive and you’re thinking of asking her out, be decent about it. Remember that her friendliness towards you is part of her job and not necessarily because she’s attracted to you. Only approach waitresses after you’ve settled your bill. You can start a conversation by talking about the weather or about your favorite sport. From there, you can gauge her interests and invite her to something you’ll both enjoy.

Talking to Women on Public Transportation

Approach women on public transportation with delicate care. Women generally don’t feel comfortable being approached by a stranger on public transportation. Chances are, they won’t respond to your questions. If that happens, leave her alone and respect her private space. Now, if she happens to look straight into your eyes and seems to be acting friendly towards you, then you can strike a conversation by complimenting her (other than her physical attributes). You can begin by complimenting her shoes or her bag. From there, you can start a lengthy conversation and, who knows, a relationship may begin to happen soon.

It’s tricky to approach women. Unfortunately, due to this day and age, many women are afraid of being victimized by strange men. You have to approach women in a very decent manner and don’t appear too interested to know her. You may scare her. Be relaxed when trying to strike a conversation, and don’t push it if she isn’t immediately engaged. Approach women like you’re not just a stranger who’s only looking for sex. Instead, show that you’re a stranger who is decent and safe to start a friendship with.