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Bad Boys Get Girls: Why Nice Guys Finish Last

Do you ever wonder why it’s so difficult for you to get a date, even when you think you’re a nice person? Do you ever wonder why bad boys seem to get all the fun? Read this article on how to get a woman to be interested in you.

You may be a nice person, but it doesn’t mean that by being nice, women will be attracted to you. That’s the unfortunate thing that a lot of nice guys are experiencing. For all you know, it’s that ‘niceness’ that turns off women from dating you. However, you don’t have to completely transform yourself into being a bad boy, but there are certain traits that you need to ‘adjust’ in order for a woman to fall for you.

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Don’t Appear Too Needy

Women may find it very flattering if a man shows how important she is in his life. However, there are certain boundaries when it comes to showing the level of importance. If you express yourself as someone who has no life other than her, that it is a complete turn-off. If you constantly check on her whereabouts, that’s more stalker-material than boyfriend-material. You may not know it, but you could be scaring her with your attitude of being too needy and clingy.

Bad boys, on the other hand, show their affection in a manner that isn’t too overwhelming. They don’t allow themselves to look like they have no other interests but the woman they love.

Don’t Appear Too Insecure

In dating, you have to show a woman how confident you are with yourself by constantly looking straight into her eyes. If you’re too shy to open yourself to the other person, then chances are she won’t find you very interesting. Bad boys aren’t shy to share their passions and interests. You have to be open with her by sharing what your interests are. You can even share what your views are on certain national issues. By opening yourself, you allow her to see the real you.

Don’t Be Too Sensitive

Bad boys aren’t afraid to look funny while dating. Seduction is also about being relaxed and confident. If you show a woman that you have zero sense of humor, she might find you very boring to be with. Try to relax yourself while you’re out on a date. Don’t be afraid to look funny, because that’s part of being human. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and most importantly, don’t be afraid to commit some dating blunders.

The secret to dating and seduction is to be confident about yourself. Don’t be afraid to show her the real you, as bad boys do. Be open with her, share your interests with her, and most importantly, act natural.