John Kiefer’s carb back loading is a successful and popular fat-loss and fitness manual, and is utilized by thousands of individuals as a tool to help them achieve results with their physique. This carb back loading program will assist you to ingest food that you want, and still achieve bulks and muscles while losing body fat simultaneously. This is essentially what John Kiefer has promised, and his program has proved its worth.

Lost Body Fat While Eating Everything You Like

Basically, the carb back loading diet sets a particular timing for when you could eat all sorts of carbs. Most of the time, carbs are recommended to be eaten in the evening or afternoon, right after you’ve worked out. This way, the foods rich in carbohydrates are consumed only by the muscles, instead of the fat cells. Clearly, carb back loading is ingesting carbohydrates in the later part of the day (dinner and dessert).

The creator was able to develop this manual after two decades of researching and reading through medical and science-related journals, absorbing all things from biomolecular to thermodynamics.

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Can Ice Cream And Donuts Be Eaten While On This Carb Back Loading Diet?

Yes! This has worked for thousands of individuals who have tried carb back loading before. The manual’s author, further, revealed that aside from these two sinful foods, he has also consumed cheesecake, fries, hamburgers, and cherry turnovers. Despite all these, he was able to achieve a muscularly toned body with six-pack abs.

According to research, this diet makes body fat loss sustainable and easy. Levels of insulin must be maintained at a very low level during the day, and must increase at night. This means that egg whites and oatmeal are a no-no for breakfast, while cookies and pizza are feasible at night.