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Bolivia: Coaching Sports

Want to teach kids how to play basketball, volleyball or football? Have skills in Judo? Better go to Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia and teach some impoverished kids some killer moves on your chosen sport. A local school in the area needs some volunteers to help children learn more about sports and to also help coach these children at a nearby sports center.

In this travel, you will get to show and share your skills in sports to children who want to be future members of professional sports teams or want to improve their skills for local competitions. Be part of this program if you want to have an impact on children’s lives and also to help build a better community for the impoverished people of Bolivia.

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Being a Volunteer Coach in Bolivia

This fit travel will last for about two weeks. Depending on your chosen program, you can extend your stay to teach or to explore more of Cruz de la Sierra. This will give you ample time to get to know the people of Bolivia and their culture, pulling you closer to the children that you are coaching.

If you are decided in being a coach in Bolivia, there are some requirements necessary to sign up for the program.

Minimal Experience

You have to have at least minimal experience in playing the sport that you want to teach kids. Because you will likely be teaching techniques, you should have at least a bit of knowledge on the sports that you can properly teach children proper play.

Police Background Check

You also need to have a police background check for your travel to ensure the safety of the children that you are going to work with in your two-week adventure. This is to ensure that no persons with history of violence or criminal record will work with the children.

This is also for the safety of all the volunteer coaches in the field.


During your travel free time, you can visit the restaurants that serve the finest cuisines of Bolivia. You can also enjoy the views and establishments of the largest city of Bolivia, the city of Cruz de la Sierra, where you will be volunteering in for two weeks.


For about $1,181, you can stay at Bolivia and teach children sports. Everything in your travel is covered in the fees, including your lodging so there is nothing you need to worry about. You can enjoy your time with the children you’re going to coach and your downtime at the city.

Before you reserve a spot for your adventure, be sure to stay active so that you don’t encounter any problems when you get moving on your coaching sessions. It would be ideal to have some training as well before you set out for your trip so that you can refresh your memory on your chosen skill and revive your mad skills in sports. This will not only help you be more productive on your travel but will also enable you to enjoy the activities more.