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Date Night: Staying In and Renting a Movie

Staying in and renting a movie can be a perfect date night. You and your girl can have a great time without having the need to go out and eat dinner at a fancy restaurant, or watch a movie in a dark and cramped theatre.

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Aside from being able to have privacy, you can also save a lot of money with this kind of date, which you can use to buy something more special for your girl (like a box of chocolate). It’s a big plus for you as well, as you’ll not only look sweet, but generous.

Watching Movies at Home

Relationships can get a bit boring when you’re doing the same things every time you go out with your girl. When the dating phase is done, you might feel that you’ve done everything that you can think of for a date. So, to make a change in your routine, it’s best to have your date night at home. It’ll be refreshing; a romantic and less expensive date. Below are some things you need to follow when setting up a date at your place.

Set The Right Atmosphere

Aside from cleaning your house, it’s a great idea to make your girl feel comfortable while you’re watching a movie. Put some extra cushions on your sofa to make it more comfortable. During the date, turn off the lights so that you’ll feel like you’re in a movie theatre.

Choose The Right Film

The main thing you’ll do on your date night will be watching flicks, so be sure to choose the right movies. Girls love romantic comedies, so go for them. However, if you think your girl prefers sci-fi and action films, you can also choose those. Be sure not to choose films that are too sensual. You may want to end up cuddling each other, but this kind of film won’t necessarily make her get in the mood, as she will likely find this gross.

Pick The Right Moment

If you want your date night to be sweet, choose the right moment to make your move. The movie can be your cue to get closer to your girl. Don’t get into action when it’s obvious that your girl is deep into the movie. She’ll only feel disturbed, which will ruin your night. If the movie you’re watching has an intimate scene, you can go along that so that your girl is currently in the mood when you make your move.

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Having a date night at home can be fun. Just make sure you prepare ahead of time and choose the right films to make your night enjoyable.