There’s a lot to think about when it comes to eating healthy, but food pairings should not be overlooked. There are some foods that just aren’t beneficial to eat together, with some different reasons about why.

Salad With Fat-Free Dressing

If you are watching your fat or calorie intake then it makes sense why you might go for a fat free salad dressing, but doing so is robbing you of some of the nutritional benefits of eating the salad at all. Some fat is necessary for your body to absorb vitamins like vitamin A and K. Not to mention, a lot of fat free dressings are full of sugar to make up for the lack of fat. Go for a light serving of straight olive oil and vinegar for a much healthier salad all around.

White Bread With Jam

White bread is already a simple carbohydrate, and jam is basically full of sugar, so putting the two together can shoot your blood sugar through the roof. Add to that the fact that when white bread and jam is eaten as a meal without any protein this affects the body even further. It’s not much different than eating a donut or something. A much better choice would be to switch to a whole wheat bread and then add on something with a little more sustenance such as peanut butter that will keep you fuller longer. (Same idea goes for meal pairings like a muffin with orange juice, probably a little heavy on the simple carbs.)

Tea With Milk

Milk is a common add in for many tea drinkers, but when you put milk into tea it can bind with the antioxidants that are in the tea and prevent your body from digesting them. And then additionally the caffeine in tea can prevent you from absorbing the calcium that is the milk, so you’re taking independently healthy items and removing their perks when they are put together.


Lentils With Red Wine

Red wine is high in tannins, and those tannins can prevent the body from absorbing the iron that lentils contain. This is particularly important for vegetarians who have to get their iron from non meat sources. Plant sources are already a more challenging place to get iron from when compared to meat sources, so it’s something to be aware of.

Hamburgers With Beer

Beer can also cause some of its own absorption issues. When you eat a high fat meal with alcohol the body won’t be able to break down both in the liver at the same time, and since alcohol is seen as a toxin it will start on that first. That leaves the fat from the burger floating around in your body where it can actually go back into the bloodstream where it doesn’t belong.

Wine With Dessert

The same idea holds for wine with high fat dessert, the body will start to break down the alcohol first and leave the dessert for later, which can lead to storage of more fat than you would have experienced if you had just eaten it on its own.