Students from Cobb County’s Lassiter High School have jointly authored a book entitled, “I Will Make A Difference,” and successfully had it published before they filled out their college application forms. Each of the thirty-five students wrote a chapter which looks at the students’ shared plans on how to create a positive difference in the world as they take active part as adults in the future.

Sarah Lesaj, a sophomore, says that no group in that age bracket has done something like this before. Robert Longyear, a junior, adds that finding your book being sold on the internet is something amazingly unbelievable. The book is being sold at Amazon; proceeds will be donated to a non-profit foundation called “Keep Georgia Safe”.

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The book is targeting readers from the same age bracket and hopes to inspire young people to set their own goals and direction in life. No one is too young to not have a plan, nor too young to make a difference. That’s exactly what these students demonstrated with the release of their book.