The Hollywood 48 Hour Miracle diet is designed to help you lose weight in as little as two days. Within those two days your body supposedly gets rid of 5-10 pounds of toxic waste that is in your colon and digestive system. Sounds too good to be true, right? Over a million people have tried this product and achieved those results. This product is a mixture of all natural fruit and fruit juices along with essential oils and antioxidants. With only 400 calories, this product is designed to cleanse your body and keep you energized. They claim to have no pills and no catches with no long books to read. In addition, it will apparently detoxify your body and help in the process of losing weight.

The people that are supposed to experience the most significant weight loss use this product weekly with regular exercise and healthy eating. Based on some of the feedback, this drink goes well with a metabolism booster capsule while on and off the juice diet. Although it may have some impact, only drinking the juice will not give the best results. But, apparently taking the capsule on and off the juice diet will give even better results.

Although it may sound tempting, there are drawbacks. For instance, 400 calories is much less than the daily calorie count that most should be consuming. The product claims that it gets rid of our craving for greasy or fatty foods, but at the same time if it’s the only thing you’re consuming that day, you will end up very hungry. With that being said, it also decreases your metabolism rate, which is why it is recommended to take it with the metabolism capsule.

Should it be called a miracle diet? Well, it all depends on how you consume the juice. By making that your only daily consumption or basing your day around that drink it can cause you to starve yourself of all the nutrients and calories that your body needs. It’s important to incorporate it with a healthy consumption of meals as well as an exercise plan so your body will remain energized and your metabolism will increase to burn fat.