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How to Eliminate Food Cravings


If we never had food cravings we would have a way easier time controlling what we put into our mouths, but you know, we do. We can however make some changes to cut down on them in general and there are also some helpful things that we can do in the moment as well.

Make Sure You’re Actually Hungry

This sounds so weirdly obvious, but a lot of the time that people are craving food they are not actually hungry at all. For one thing being thirsty can often make you think that you are hungry, and for another thing being tired or bored can also make us think we need a treat. Check in with your body and really try to gauge the hunger level you’re feeling outside of the craving you’re having. If you aren’t hungry, don’t eat.

Start Thinking About Something Else

Okay this is sometimes easier said than done, but if you get a donut craving you shouldn’t start Google searching images of donuts and think that’ll help curb the craving. Move on as quickly as possible and/or eat something that will actually help lower your hunger levels. If you fill up on some lean protein it won’t necessarily make you not want a donut, but it will take away your hunger levels which can help you rationalize the fact that you really don’t need a donut. If you really want a treat it makes sense to do it in reasonable portion sizes, which is only possible if you’re not starving. Think eat dinner then have a square of chocolate, as opposed to eating ice cream for dinner.

If You’re Going to Splurge Do it Right

Sometimes we keep craving foods because we don’t ever feel satisfied with the version of it that we’re eating. If you absolutely must indulge in something, you might as well make it something nice so that it actually feels indulgent. You’re a lot less likely to binge and more likely to slow down and truly enjoy a some chocolates or wine if you spent a decent amount of money it right? Not to mention that it’s going to taste better and actually give you what you’re looking for.

Stop Distracted Eating

A lot of us eat when we’re watching TV or checking emails, but doing that takes us out of the moment and when we’re distracted we don’t totally enjoy our food. That makes it more likely that later we’ll be back to craving something else.

Prevent Cravings to Begin With

A lot of cravings are simply spurred by eating the foods to begin with. When we eat sugar or simple carbs the body gets a sugar jolt that can feel good and feel energetic, until the blood sugar crashes again (even lower than it was to begin with), and the body thinks it needs more of the foods to get it back up again. When you eliminate sugar from your diet you might be surprised at how little you’ll crave it. Try it and see for yourself.