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Husky Spends 15 Years Chained In The Freezing Cold Before Finding A New Family

Husky Spends 15 Years Chained In The Freezing Cold Before Finding A New Family

Dogs are amazing pets that dedicate their lives to making their owners happy, but some people just don’t deserve such devotion! Today we are going to show you a story about a 15-year-old husky who was chained outside the house and left in the freezing cold. Fortunately, some good people helped him get out of that situation. You won’t believe how it ends…

20. Rescue Call

Our story starts when the emergency workers received a call about a property in New Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who was keeping a husky chained outside in the freezing cold. Hearing this, the rescuers rushed straight to the property. What they’ve found there shocked everybody.

19. Breaking The Law

In case you didn’t know, there is a law which specifically states that people are not allowed to keep dogs chained outside the house for more than nine hours! This law also says that dogs can be kept chained for a maximum of 30 minutes if the weather is freezing cold, but the husky’s owners didn’t seem to care.

18. Freezing Cold

The weather outside was freezing and the husky was not doing well. To make things even worse, the owners didn’t even provide him with adequate shelter. The poor animal was living in horrible conditions…

17. Adequate Shelter

The owners didn’t seem to care at all about the husky’s well being. This is the shelter that they made for him. As you can clearly see, the ground was covered in snow and the husky didn’t have any place to sleep. And that’s not all!

16. Chained Up

The most terrific thing about this entire story is that the dog was chained up for a very long time. In fact, the emergency workers who arrived at the scene believe that the husky has been chained for all of his life. Sadly, they discovered this next thing.

15. Surrendering The Husky

After the emergency workers told the husky’s owners that they were breaking the law, they didn’t even hesitate to surrender him. This shows us how little they cared for him. In addition, the owners also said that the husky’s name is Cloud. Let’s see what Cloud’s rescuers have to say about meeting him.

14. Bad Condition

“He was a broken, sad shell of a dog. His fur was thickly matted. He had a large mass on his hind end and he was very thin”, said Tricia Mayer who is the assistant shelter manager at Hillside SPCA. And the bad news don’t stop here.

13. Bad News

The rescue team didn’t waste any time and sent Cloud straight to the vet. Sadly, the vet didn’t have any good news for Cloud. The mass on his back turned out to be a tumor. You won’t believe what the vet said next.

12. Cloud Is Too Old

As if having the tumor wasn’t bad enough, the vet determined that Cloud was too old to be operated on. Sadly, that’s not all that the vet discovered while examining the old husky…

11. Cloud Is Deaf

To make things even worse, the vet discovered that Cloud was deaf. Things were not looking good for the poor husky. Let’s listen to what the folks who work at the animal rescue center have to say about Cloud.

10. Cloud Is Not Coping Well

“This dog wasn’t acting like a dog at all, he’s just a mess. He’s walking into things. I don’t think he’d ever been inside anywhere in his life, so he was just so out of sorts”, said Eleanor Garret who is one of the rescuers. Luckily, Garret came up with this amazing idea.

9. Taking Cloud In

The rescuer saw that Cloud didn’t enjoy his time at the animal shelter and decided to do take him in her house. Isn’t this amazing? This is what the pooch did after getting to his new home.

8.Acting Strange

Even though Garret took Cloud into her home, the dog still had trouble adjusting to his new surroundings. You won’t believe what Garret had to say about Cloud’s strange behavior.

7. Strange Behavior

“He wouldn’t stop pacing, he wouldn’t stop moving. I had him in my house, and he was knocking things over. He was running into things, and I thought, ‘Oh No. This is going to be difficult”, said Garret. And then…

6. Difficult Job

Even though taking care of Cloud was no easy task at all, Garret and her family did their best to make him feel loved.

5. Feeling Loved

Things were finally looking good for Cloud, but the old dog had a little trouble getting accustomed to his new surroundings. Fortunately, he started feeling loved and he became friends with Garret’s other dogs.

4. Temporary Home

While Cloud was feeling good in Garret’s home, this was just a temporary thing since Eleanor Garret already had six other dogs and her house was full. Luckily, she found an adoptive family for Cloud in no time!

3. Adoptive Family

Seeing how cute and lovable this husky can be, Garret quickly found an adoptive family for him. How do you think Cloud felt with his new family?

2. Cloud Was Loving Life

The adoptive family loved Cloud and he loved them back! Cloud’s new owners wanted to leave his past behind and renamed him to Titus! However, this was not the only thing that they did for him!

1. Bucket List

Considering that the husky doesn’t have that much time on his paws because of the tumor, the adoptive family created a bucket list for him. The bucket list contains activities like going for walks and playing catch, something which the previous owners never bothered to do with him.