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Man Comes Across Weird Looking Flower In Forest, But When He Tried To Touch It, The Flower Started Flying Away

Man Comes Across Weird Looking Flower In Forest, But When He Tried To Touch It, The Flower Started Flying Away

Two men were off on a hike through the jungle when they came across something that made them both stop. They immediately went to look and realized that they were looking at a flower. However, as one of the men knelt down to touch the flower, they soon realized something terrifying!

20. Jungles 

Image: Sciencing

A jungle is land covered with lots of vegetation and tons of trees. It is due to this vast greenery that many animals find a home in the rainforest. As the lush greenery gives them perfect places to find shelter and food. 

19. Relaxing 

Image: YouTube

Jungles can also be quite relaxing and that is why many people choose to hike through them. You can come across many beautiful sights in a jungle. Some of these include waterfalls and vast arrays of beautiful flowers that grow amongst the trees. 

18. Hiking 


Since jungles can provide us with such a beautiful scene, many choose to engage in hikes through them. That’s exactly how two men found themselves trekking through the jungle. They were planning on spending a nice day out in the tropical rainforest. 

17. Walking Around 


The men were walking around and enjoying the day when they came across something that made them stop in their tracks. They decided to observe it from afar at first, after all, you can never be too cautious in the rainforest. Then one of the men decided to proceed closer. 

16. A Flower 


The men quickly realized that what they were staring at what a rare and beautiful flower. It was a white flower with a design and look that they had never seen before. In fact, they were pretty confused as they continued to stare at it…

15. Getting Closer 


Eventually, the men’s curiosity got the best of them. They didn’t know what exactly the flower was but they knew that they had to get closer. So one of the men knelt down and quickly poked the flower! He was surprised when the flowers actually moved…

14. Movement 


As the man poked the flower, he was surprised to see that the flower moved about. The man quickly called over his friend so that he could see the moving flower for himself. That’s when the flower began to do something else incredible…

13. Spreading Out 


This time, instead of just moving slightly, the flower began to fully spread out. The men couldn’t understand how a flower could be moving around so much. That’s when the flower began to reveal a head!

12. Flying Away 


The flower began to continue to move around and revealed a head. Then the flower spread itself out and began to fly and run away from the men. That’s when the men realized that this was no flower!

11. The Truth 


That was when the men realized that the flower they were so intrigued by was actually a bird. However, it wasn’t just any bird. The men were incredibly curious so they decided to look up what kind of bird it was on the internet. They were surprised by what they found out…

10. The Bird 


The bird in question happened to be a lyrebird. Lyrebirds can be found in the rain forest habitats in Victoria and New South Wales as well as Tasmania since the 19th century. They are quite an interesting bird as the men were about to find out.

9. Name Origins 


The origins of the lyrebird’s name come from the lyre, an ancient Greek string instrument. The lyrebird’s unique 16-feather tail display resembled the body of a lyre and thus inspired their name. However, what makes these birds even more interesting is the sounds it makes. 

8. Sounds 


The lyrebird also happens to make quite a unique sound. Lyrebirds are well-known for being able to imitate both natural and man-made sounds. They have even been featured on Sir David Attenborough’s Life of Birds series.

7. Beautiful Sound


Sir David Attenborough has often described the sound that lyrebird’s make as the “most elaborate, most complex and most beautiful song in the world.” If you happen to come across a lyrebird, you’ll be able to hear a wonderful song as they sing all throughout the year. 

6. Unique 

Image: Wikipedia

The most unique part is that lyrebirds can create a sound that is both beautiful and horribly harsh. Sometimes they can create a sound sounds like a car engine or even like a dog barking. Other times they can imitate loud alarms or bells. 

5. Shy Birds 

Image: YouTube

Lyrebirds are also quite shy birds and that is why they prefer to live in a jungle. A jungle climate gives them the perfect area that they can hide away in. However, it also allows them to mate easily!

4. Mating Call 

Image: Atlas Obscura

The lyrebird’s mating call is also able to echo throughout the jungle. This allows them to call over females that they can mate with. During a mating call you can often hear a beautiful melodious coming from the lyrebird males. 

3. Amazed 

Image: Wikipedia

The men were beyond amazed by all of the information that they had come across. They couldn’t believe that they thought they had spotted a flower. It was pretty amazing to them that they came across such an interesting bird. 

2. Looking Around 


The men were so intrigued that they decided to continue their hike while looking out for the lyrebird. However, it seems that the one they spotted had been pretty spooked! They unfortunately didn’t come across him again. 

1. Feeling Lucky 

Image: Birds in Backyards

Although they didn’t get to see the lyrebird again, the men still felt lucky that they were able to get as close as they did. The men will certainly never forget about their unique run-in with a beautiful and melodious lyrebird.