He is one of Hollywood’s hottest hunks and if you want to look as good as him, follow these fashion tips from Ryan Gosling. His sense of style is not the usual shirt and jeans but he is more into creative and stylish looks. You need to have a lean physique in order to dress up like him. He is known for constantly re-inventing himself in terms of fashion.  However, you can still follow his advice on how to dress well on formal and non-formal occasions.

Dress Like Ryan Gosling at a Formal Event

  1. It is better to dress up than to dress down in any event. You must have a well-tailored suit in your closet because of its versatility. You can wear it with different shirts, ties, and pocket squares. It is a style where you will never go wrong. Go to a reputable tailor and invest in a good suit. It has to be of slim-fit cut for a sexier look. These usually have shorter and slimmer jackets and trousers so more attention is drawn on the waist. That is why it is important that you go to a tailor, especially if you are on the heavy side. Avoid committing the mistake of buying ready-to-wear suits that are one size smaller than your actual size.
  2. Gosling’s fashion style is to go for the color gray. It is a safe color because you can dress it up or dress it down.
  3. Avoid impractical clothes. Dress according to the season. The important thing when dressing up is not only that you look good on it, but you are very comfortable with it.
  4. Follow the three tie options. You do not have to wear a regular tie on a daily basis. Experiment by wearing a bow tie or no tie at all. You do not have to wear a tie in a formal gathering for as long as you wear a suit that fits you well.
  5. For him, less is more. Avoid wearing too much accessories. If you wear a good suit that fits you very well, then you do not need to accessorize.

Hit the Gym

Get fit and look fab. You need to have a good physique to be able to look good with the clothes you wear. The slim-fit type of clothes is the in-thing nowadays and if you are overweight, you might not be able to look good in these clothes. Be healthy by eating the right food and by exercising regularly.

Casual Clothes

  1. For casual clothing, you can wear a biker jacket with a simple t-shirt and a pair of loafers. This style is very classic and fashionable.
  2. Not everyone is comfortable with a white pair of trousers, but according to him, if you are physically fit, you can wear a slim-fit pair of white trousers with a dark-colored shirt.

Style for him begins with a good physique. Once you have attained a well-toned body, you can wear clothes that are close to the body and you would look sexier and stylish in them.