*** is definitely much better, right? Is it a good substitute for getting physically fit, though? In an article in Men’s Journal, Melaina Juntti answers this question.

Researchers of a recent study at the University of Quebec say that *** can be considered moderate exercise. The heart pumps and muscles contract and flex, so there is some physical activity happening there. Twenty-one couples participated in the study. All were in their early 20s, healthy, and sexually active.

Their energy expenditure and exercise intensity were measured while they jogged for 30 minutes on treadmills, at 65% of their maximum heart rates. Armband monitors were used to record the measurements. The same measurements were also done while the partners had *** once a week for an observation period of one week. On average, a sexual activity lasted for 25 minutes.

The results for men show that:

  • A 25-minute jog results in 230 calories burned (or 9.2 calories per minute), and a mean intensity of 8.5 metabolic equivalent of task (or MET).
  • ***, for an average of 25 minutes, results in 105 calories burned (or 4.2 calories per minute) and a mean intensity of 6 MET.

For women, the figures are much less impressive:

  • A treadmill jog results in 7.1 calories per minute, and a mean intensity of 8.1 MET.
  • *** results in 3.1 calories per minute, and a mean intensity of 5.6 MET.

Research author Antony Karelis says that *** may not be as good as jogging, as the study shows, but it is good enough to be considered moderate exercise. This proves that ***, indeed, is a legitimate form of exercise in the same category as brisk walking. However, while *** does get very hot and intense, it doesn’t last very long.

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Karelis adds that in no way should *** replace exercise. *** and exercise, done regularly, both contribute to better health and improved quality of life, so get a good dose of each.