The Spartan Race is an ultimate challenge that combines strength and endurance of both the body and mind. Not only do you have to push your body past the point of exhaustion through a grueling obstacle course, but you also need a successful mindset to handle those challenges. And by finishing that journey, you’ll get a sense of accomplishment unlike any other — because you know how hard it was to prepare for the race and withstand all the doubts and frustrations inside.

It’s also an incredible metaphor for life: in many ways, life is the ultimate obstacle course. And to succeed and find your happiness, you need to be strong and tough enough to handle whatever obstacles lie in wait.

We chatted with Joe De Sena — founder of the Spartan Race and the author of a new, game-changing book Spartan Up! that helps people get happy, successful, and fit — about the Spartan Race and how it can help you live a better life. ConFITdent men know that an amazing, happy life starts from within:

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Why spartan race? What made you want to call it that?

It was divine we sat around the kitchen one night eating turkey legs post a big workout someone said…we should call it Spartan..and so it was..

What makes spartan different than any other race, marathon, sporting event?

Spartan is not a race. It is a mind set, it is a way of life, it has survived for generations and will continue to as it embodies everything everyone wants to be deep down inside yet we have been moving further and further away from as a species..

Where does the team inspiration come from?

It starts with the name Spartan and works its way to a team leader that sparks interest in others around him or her to not only push themselves but anyone else they can convince to come along for the ride. Spartans fought for the guys next to them.

Is spartan for competitors? Or can I join for fun?

It is fun at its core to push yourself to limits, to find out what you are made of, to test yourself and EARN an accomplishment.

What is the future of the race?

To someday get back to the olympics..where Spartans were involved in the early days…

What made you want to write a book?

Want the world to Spartan the **** up…we are getting way too soft and as a result experiencing all the problems we are experiencing today. If I could change more lives..we win and the book should provide alot
of inspiration toward that end..

Obstacle courses have risen in popularity in the last few years, what makes the Spartan Race different from the rest?

We treat it like a sport. There’s only one sport in the space and that is us. All others are party fun runs.

What inspired you to write your book “Spartan Up!” What can people expect from reading it?

My inspiration was in seeking inspiration from others that would wake up and take action in their lives. Isn’t it fun to watch movies where people work against all odds and get it done?

What is your favorite part in the book? Why?

The cookie test…I love abstaining from instant gratification..and when I fail..well i get the cookie!

What can people expect from the Spartan Race in 2014? Anything new?

The new controversial trifecta medal!

For more info on how to push yourself to the next level, check out Spartan Up!, the new book from Spartan Race.