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Teen Goes Out Of His Way And Drives 450 Miles To Deliver A Pizza, People Couldn’t Contain Their Emotions When They Got To Know The Reason Behind It

Teen Goes Out Of His Way And Drives 450 Miles To Deliver A Pizza, People Couldn’t Contain Their Emotions When They Got To Know The Reason Behind It

While it might not always seem like it, the world we live in is filled with some pretty spectacular people. When one teenager who worked at a pizza shop got an unusual delivery call, he didn’t hang up. Instead, he decided to fulfill the request on the other end of the line. The teenager delivered a pizza 450 miles away and you won’t believe the reason why!

20. Married Couple 

Image: Bored Panda

This is Julie and Rich Morgan of Indianapolis. The couple had lived in Battle Creek over 20 years ago and there was still something that they missed from the town every single day. It happened to be a great slice of pizza. 

19. Missing Out 

Image: Bored Panda

You see, ever since Julie and Rich moved out of Battle Creek they were on the hunt for a great slice of pizza. However, they just couldn’t find anything that compared to Steve’s Pizza in Battle Creek, Michigan. The couple had been longing for a slice for quite some time. 

18. A Trip 

Image: Facebook/Julie Morgan

The couple had planned to take a trip out to Battle Creek to grab a slice of their favorite pizza, however, that never ended up happening. Unfortunately, Rich began to battle cancer and it was impossible for the couple to head out while he was receiving treatment. It was a harsh reality that both of them were dealing with.

17. Back Home 

Image: CBS News

Eventually, Rich was able to go back home. However, he was under hospice care and wasn’t able to travel very far at all. That’s when Julie’s father had a wild idea!

16. Saturday Night 

Image: Fox 2 Detroit

It was a Saturday night when Julie’s father thought of a crazy idea. He decided to give Steve’s Pizza a ring and see if they could deliver a sweet note or text to the couple. However, the pizzeria manager decided to go above and beyond for the couple.

15. Phone Call 

Image: Battle Creek Enquirer

Rich is home under hospice care and we are enjoying every minute reminiscing and visiting with family and friends. Unbeknownst to us, my dad contacted Steve’s Pizza and spoke to Dalton, a manager there. He told Dalton a little bit about our situation and asked if the shop might send a friendly text or card to us,” Julie wrote on Facebook. 

14. The Manager 

Image: ABC News

The manager that picked up the phone was 18-year-old Dalton Shaffer. As soon as he heard Julie’s father’s story, he knew that he had to do something amazing for the couple. After all, they must have really loved the pizza a lot to even be calling from 3 1/2 hours away. 

13. The Question 

Image: K. Foxx

Once Julie’s father has finished telling his story, Dalton asked the man what kind of pizza the couple would like. Julie’s father was pretty surprised by the manager’s response. He never expected to have a pizza delivered from so far away. 

12. Zero Hesitation 

Image: Facebook/Steves Pizza Battle Creek Mi

Without hesitation Dalton asked what kind of pizza we wanted, and told my father he would bring it to us (by the way, Steve’s doesn’t deliver). My dad clarified that we were in Indianapolis, at least three and a half hours away from Battle Creek,” Julie explained on Facebook. 

11. After Closing 

Image: www.kansascity.com

Dalton explained to Julie’s father that he would be more than willing to deliver the pizza after Steve’s Pizza had closed. Her father was absolutely shocked by the kindness of the manager. So after the pizzeria had closed, Dalton got in his car and began to drive. 

10. Midnight Drive 

Image: ABC News

It was around midnight when Steve’s Pizza had finally closed and so Dalton hopped into his car ready to take the long trip. Altogether he drove around 450 miles. However, Dalton says that it was worth it to make Rich and Julie’s day. 

9. Special Delivery 

Image: Battle Creek Enquirer

And so, while Rich and I slept, at 2:30 AM, Dalton rolled into our driveway, left the car running and delivered two extra special pizzas to my waiting family. He told them we were in his prayers, and offered to help in any way he could,” Julie’s post explained. 

8. Hotel Room

Image: Yahoo

My dad offered to put him up in a hotel, but he refused and immediately left for the return trip home because he had to work the next day.” Julie was blown away by the young man’s kindness and willingness to help. She immediately shared the story on Facebook so that all could know!

7. Overwhelmed 

Image: Facebook/Steves Pizza Battle Creek Mi

I am beyond overwhelmed and humbled by this act of genuine kindness. Dalton brought our family so much joy – and the best pizza in the world – at a really difficult time.” Dalton never expected to get any praise or recognition for his act of kindness. In fact, he wanted it to stay quiet!

6. Big Story 

Image: WSVN 7News

I really didn’t want the story to get this big,” he said. “It’s too late now, but a lot of people have told me how inspiring the story is and that makes it all worth it,” Dalton said. Dalton didn’t tell anyone about the trip that he was making, not even his uncle who actually owns the restaurant. 

5. Joking 

Image: Today Show

I did call my brother,” he said, laughing. “Said I’m gonna be in Indianapolis, if something happens to me, thats where to look. I wasn’t expecting anybody to find out.” When Julie finally shared the story on Facebook, everyone knew what an amazing person Dalton is. 

4. A Real Blessing 

Image: www.kansascity.com

I’m sure he is a blessing to many others besides us. I really didn’t believe it when they told us what had happened,” Julie said. “I was just overwhelmed that a stranger would do that for us. He drove over seven hours total after working all day!”

3. Big Thanks 

Image: PMQ Pizza Magazine

While “thank you” hardly seems adequate – from the bottom of my heart, thank you, Dalton from Steve’s Pizza in Battle Creek, MI for making your epic middle of the night pizza delivery!” Julie also mentioned that the pizza was just as good as she remembered it! 

2. Proud Uncle 

Image: Battle Creek Enquirer

Dalton’s uncle was incredibly proud of his nephew when he found out about what he had done.”That was quite a stunt you pulled,” Dalton’s uncle said. Everyone in the family was incredibly proud of Dalton!

1. Happiness 

Image: Fox59

Thanks to his kindness and selflessness, Dalton was able to bring a little joy and happiness to a family that had been struggling. His act of kindness will be remembered forever in the hearts of both Julie and Rich. He is truly a hero in his own right.