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The Best Fitness Apps Out There


If you’re not yet using fitness apps you might want to get on it. (After all you use them for pretty much everything else right??) There’s an app out there can help support your health and fitness goals no matter what they are.

Lose It

The free app Lose It is a great option for keeping track of both the calories that you’re eating and also the calories that you are burning. The app allows you to input both common name brand foods but also generic things like coffee and apples, so it’s never going to be stumped by the calorie count of something that you ate. It includes not just calories but carbs, fiber, fat, sodium, and protein. When you input your workout for the day it will let you know how many more calories you can afford to eat to keep losing weight.


If you are on the go a lot in your own town or while traveling, this app can be a huge helper when it comes to finding healthy food to eat. Say goodbye to the days of grabbing just anything subpar that you can find because you don’t know where to look. This app takes into account casual dining restaurants, fast-food restaurants, and grocery stores in the area and allows you to look through your food options. When you decide on a spot it will guide you there.


The iTreadmill app costs $1.99, but it’s an awesome way to track your steps throughout the day and find out how much work your daily walking is doing for you. Most pedometers are designed to be worn on the arm or something to accurately track your steps, but this one works while tucked away inside a bag or a pocket, as long as you have it on you. It tracks your tracks your steps, distance, and average speed, so at the end of the day you can see how far you went.


For $1.99 iFitness will get you 100 instructional videos and 230 different exercises to do that are sorted by muscle group or region of the body. It has built in stopwatches and timers for you to use while you do the exercises, and it also keeps workout logs that you can then email to yourself to keep track of your progress. The app also allows you to add in some custom exercises of your own which is nice for tracking what you’ve done since you’re not locked into the options from the app only.


C25K is great for the person who is trying to incorporate jogging into their schedule and do it right. It specifically takes you through a nine week course of three working days a week that is meant to increase your endurance. The app increases in intensity during each session and it straight up tells you when you should start running or start walking so you don’t even have to think about it as you go. This app costs $1.99.