Let’s be honest. It doesn’t take much to sell fitness to guys. Show us how we can improve, show us a sexy woman, give us a taste of “the good life” and we’re game for it. In fact, the more ambitious of us need much less than even that.

[box_light]When it comes to fitness, every guy has a different motive. Some want to be stronger. Some want to be faster. Some want to improve their health or lose weight. Heck, plenty of guys work out just for vanity and to look good. Regardless of what motivates you, these sexy fitness ads are sure to make you want to get your heart pumping. May we present our list of the sexiest fitness ads of the last year.[/box_light]

Interestingly enough, we can say that none of these make us want to actually buy the product, but rather are a great reminder to get moving and to put your body to work. What do you think? Do any of these ads make you want to purchase?

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Kim Kardashian Pimps Out Skechers

We’re sold on the concept. If this doesn’t make you want to be a personal trainer for at least a day, you are a robot. Focusing on all sexy aspects of fitness here: the toned bodies, the curves, the sweat – this ad made us want to immediately do push-ups until we hit muscle failure.

ZippEarz Knows How to Get Your Attention

Few things will freeze time better than a woman jogging. This witty advertisement plays up on that same notion while strategically bringing in their product. A great gadget for women who have issues when hitting the trail or treadmill, Zippearz did a great job getting our attention – but not so much getting our money (or anybody else we know).

Jack and Jones Fitness Club is Here to Help

Hands down our favorite of the bunch. This advertisement for Jack and Jones does a phenomenal job encouraging guys to “get in shape and ready for action.” The very sexy spokes model talks it up like she is on your side and strips down in classy (yet sexy) fitness attire and motivates you to get moving. We’re on board and avid fans of Jack and Jones. Well done.

What do you think of these? Do you have any good ads that give fitness a sexy spin? Let us know!