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Things You Should Never Text a Woman

Texting has become a pretty standard way of communicating at any point in our relationships (romantic or otherwise), but not all conversations are best suited being typed out and sent via phone. For one thing, tone is a complicated thing to get right with a single line or word. For another, women take screenshots of their texts left and right. Here are some things that you should just never discuss over text.

The Intro to Your Breakup

Come on guys. Unless your “breakup” is following the first date, it isn’t something best left to text. Talking isn’t really that difficult unless you feel like she’s going to try and convince you that the two of you shouldn’t break up or something, but you’ll be ready with reasons if it’s a legit breakup. It might take a little more effort to do it in person over the phone but in the long run it’s usually better to be a nice guy and just do it.

Don’t Text Your Apologies

The fact that you want to apologize is really great. It is. But if you want it to carry any weight towards making her feel better (or making you feel better), it’s generally more effective to do it over the phone or in person. Obviously if you’re apologizing for not feeding the dog texting is appropriate, but it’s not an appropriate way of apologizing for actually losing her dog. Admitting fault isn’t fun for anyone, but that’s life. Clean up the mess instead of potentially making her angry all over again for taking the easy way out.

Your STD Results

If the results are not good, that is. You might think you’re getting off easy by texting a girl that you might have exposed to her to some sort of treatable infection, but she would think you were a lot cooler if you called and actually showed some remorse or concern. If you never want to see her again however, a call might not be necessary. Except…that you don’t really want that sort of information floating around for other eyes to see, and you can be sure that if you text her about it she might consider showing someone. Why risk it.

Don’t Text An Argument

You might not read too deeply into text messages, but women are notorious for wondering whether two explanation points carry a different meaning than a single one. So imagine what can go wrong when you’re actually trying to cop an attitude or talk about something serious. It’s always going to be worse. Without vocal tone and inflection over text we’re just left with our own biases and perception to try and figure out what the other person actually meant to say. Plus, it’s sort of hard to take something back that you wrote down in the heat of the moment.

Texting about important things instead of talking about them can be a form of avoidance (which is a defense mechanism), and like it or not relationships of all types are emotional, which entails all the great stuff and the not so great stuff as well. Phone calls generally go faster than a text convo anyway, it’s like pulling off the bandaid.