Bane is invading Gotham and there is no question that The Dark Knight Rises will be among the highest grossing movies ever. Under Christopher Nolan, the Batman franchise has been setting the standard for what super hero movies should look like. That being said – one of the most remarkable facets of these super hero movies is the training undergone by Hollywood’s emerging crop of A-Listers.


Tom Hardy’s Role as Bane

For the Dark Knight Rises, Tom Hardy takes the role of Bane – who can pretty much be described as a felon that creates a venom induced with Human Growth Hormone. Hardy was chosen for the role after working with Christopher Nolan on Inception (he played the Forger), and impressing everyone during his screen tests.

This will not be Tom Hardy’s first role where he has had to endure a gut wrenching training regimen. He also packed on muscle for his film Bronson and also got shredded for the more recent “The Warrior.”

We have some calls in to Tom Hardy’s trainer to find out his legit training routine for the film, but they would like to wait until the movie is closer to release to reveal that information. There are a lot of sites out there pretending to have his official workout, but don’t fall for it! Tom Hardy is considered by many to be one of the hardest working actors in Hollywood and we are not going to be one to argue. I think he will be a strong fit for the role of Bane. Especially given Bane’s penchant for violence, I think that Tom Hardy has the right attitude or swagger in roles that he will be able to translate to this role very well. Do you think Tom Hardy will make a good Bane? Do you think Bane is the right villain for this movie?